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5 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With La Mer

Posted on July 16, 2019 by Driven Properties

It’s no surprise that La Mer by Meraas has been named one of the most desired destinations in Dubai; after all, it is the ultimate beach destination in the city and is slowly becoming one of the most visited places for shopping, dining, shopping and a whole lot of fun! So, here are five reasons why you will fall in love with La Mer.

1. The beach. Find your happiness in the sun.

In the heart of Jumeirah 1, with its warm white sand and excellent blue water, La Mer has become Dubai's most memorable beach destination. With over 2.5 kilometres of relaxing beaches, La Mer welcomes countless visitors every day who wish to indulge in the multiple water sports offered at the beach and, of course, those looking to enjoy their time in the sun! So grab your sunscreen, come down to La Mer, and find happiness in the sun.

2. Endless fun for you and your family.

Imagine An entire day with your family at the beach in La Mer Dubai. From swimming all day and strolling on the beach to the kids going wild at the inflatable playgrounds, having a great time at water slides and participating in a whole lot of water sports, and topping it all off with gourmet dining and some world-class high-end shopping, the entire family is guaranteed to have a memorable day at La Mer.

3. La Mer is not just sand and water; it’s also a well-established dining spot.

If you plan on visiting La Mer, bring your appetite with you. With the multitude of restaurants and international cuisines, there is a massive selection of dining options, ranging from ice cream, salads and burgers to more gourmet and fine-dining options; La Mer quickly became a household name in everything delicious, so come down and enjoy the best eats Dubai has to offer. You will not be disappointed!

4- Keep calm and go shopping at La Mer.

La Mer is unique in every way, and shopping there is also a fantastic experience. Most of the stores are one-of-a-kind boutiques and concept stores offering unusual one-off pieces and established brand names amongst other convenience stores. So, if you’re looking for some relaxing retail therapy or are in the mood to shop till you drop, La Mer is the place for you.

5- Live life to the fullest by the sea at La Mer.

Life at sea is a reimagined concept by Meraas, with four announced off plan projects: La Rive, La Cote, Sur la Mer, and the latest project, Le Pont Meraas, has brought over a glamorous, warm and inviting Mediterranean atmosphere to the shores of Dubai. Every project will feature green, lush, spacious walkways, apartments, penthouses and townhouses, hotels, beach resorts, and multiple retail and dining options. You will be one with the vast ocean and enjoy open views of the spectacular Dubai skyline. Residents are indeed in for a life of luxury by the sea like no other, with all the fantastic facilities and amenities that will come with all these projects.

So, visit La Mer this summer and enjoy a memorable experience in Dubai's most spectacular beach destination.