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Posted on October 13, 2022 by Driven Properties

We see an uptick in interested investors looking to buy property in Dubai to put them up for rent. As a result, the rental market segment is expected to perform exceptionally well over the World Cup period. Rising rents in the town also lead tenants to purchase property despite interest rates increasing. Average flat rents were up by 24.9 percent in August, while average villa rents rose by 24.2 percent. For buyers and tenants looking to rent houses, keep this handy blog in mind for the Dubai best houses for rent.

Houses for Rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Possible tenants want to rent a property in Dubai Silicon Oasis for many reasons. First, the area offers a good selection of affordable units perfect for single professionals, couples, and families. Second, DSO is also ideal for those looking to lead an active lifestyle, thanks to the many fitness centers and gyms in Dubai Silicon Oasis. Additionally, many grocery stores and supermarkets in DSO allow residents to fulfill their daily requirements quickly.

Regarding apartments for rent in Silicon Oasis Dubai, tenants are pampered for choice. The 1-bed unit average rent in Dubai is AED 33k. However, those looking for more spacious flats can go for 2-bed flats for rent, which average AED 53k. While the list of villas for rent in Dubai Silicon Oasis is more humble than apartments, it's heavily in demand with future tenants. The average rent in Dubai for 3-bed houses in Cedre Villas stands at AED 140k. However, it goes up to AED 180k for a 5-bed house in DSO.

Houses for Rent in Mirdif Dubai

A few years back, the interest level in Mirdif properties rose immensely. You can see many green areas, kids' play areas, and paved roads, making it one of the families' most suitable locations to live in Dubai. Mirdif offers good amenities and facilities and is positioned near Mushrif Park. When leasing apartments in Mirdif, families are most attracted to the spot as it has some of the leading schools in Dubai. Furthermore, the nearby City Center Mirdif offers various retail and dining choices.

Compared to different areas in Dubai, rents in Mirdif are pretty reasonable. Coming to the rental cost, properties for rent in Mirdif cost, on average, about AED 44k annually. The rent of 2-bedroom apartments averages AED 60k. Villas in Mirdif come in 2 to 5-bed layouts. The average property rent in Dubai for a 3-bedroom villa in Mirdif is AED 91k, whereas you can expect to pay AED 119k for a 4-bed and AED 123k for a 5-bed house.

Houses for Rent in Discovery Gardens Dubai

One of Dubai's top residential neighborhoods. Discovery Gardens, a master project by Nakheel, has a satisfactory amount of affordable apartments for rent and is located relatively close to business landmarks such as Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali, JLT, and more. Also, there is adequate demand for houses for rent in Dubai in Discovery Gardens because of the neighborhood's closeness to attractions such as the Dubai Miracle Garden, Ibn Battuta Mall, and Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Nevertheless, the availability of cheap apartments for rent in Discovery Gardens is not the only reason the area is attractive. It is well-planned, with plenty of green spaces and aesthetically appealing features. Regarding average annual rent prices, studios in Discovery Gardens are at AED 32k, one bed is at AED 48k, and 2-beds go for AED 76k.

Houses for Rent in International City Dubai

International City Dubai has always earned popularity for its affordable homes, suitable location, and other amenities. International City is a convenient spot for you if you want community living without a hefty price tag. There are an array of houses available at an affordable yearly rent. Comfortable studio apartments for rent in Phase 2 are available at AED 23k yearly. Villas for rent in International City Dubai in Phase 2 for an average of AED 30k annually. Big 2-bedroom apartments for rent in International City Phase 2 have an average annual rent of AED 40k.

Most relevant, England and Italy Clusters contain some of the cheapest rates for flats for rent in International City. The average price of renting studios in both clusters averages AED 17k yearly. Aside from rental apartment clusters, International City is also home to big townhouses or attached villas. For example, Warsan Village, found on the edge of the International City, boasts affordable 3-bedroom villas. Like to lease villas in Warsan Village? The average cost for these units is AED 85k, which is fairly reasonable compared to other villa neighborhoods in Dubai.

Houses for Rent in Rashidiya Dubai

Al Rashidiya Dubai is generally known as simply Rashidiya. Here, residents will realize many government offices, shopping malls, and commercial buildings in Al Rashidiya. It mainly has villas, which makes it convenient for families looking for a house in the middle of old Dubai. Al Rashidiya Dubai is also located near many transport connections. With a metro station and many bus routes, Rashidiya is certainly one of the best residential areas in Dubai for non-drivers. In addition, there are parks, libraries, schools, and many shops. Here, Dubai Public Library Al Rashidiya is one of the top public libraries in Dubai.

The detached villas vary from 3 to 6-bedroom layouts. Most villas in Al Rashidiya are immense units with huge plot sizes ranging from 3,500 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. or more. For small families and singles, Al Rashidiya house rental Dubai apartments are the most convenient choice for residence. These residential houses are available in 1 and 2-bedroom layouts. The rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Al Rashidiya is AED 46k for a year on average, while the spacious 2-bedroom house rental in Dubai apartments can be rented for AED 63k yearly. Rental prices vary from AED 80k to AED 90k for a 3-bedroom cheap villa for rent in Rashidiya Dubai. You can also lease a 4-bedroom villa in Al Rashidiya for a year in a price range of AED 90k to AED 120k. The huge 5-bed and 6-bed houses cost about AED 148k and AED 172k.

Houses for Rent in Al Nahda Dubai

Al Nahda as a neighborhood is cozy, conveniently positioned, and immediate to the dynamic emirate of Sharjah. Numerous malls, shops, schools, and eateries cater to South Asian tenants. It is one of the top places for Pakistani expats in Dubai. There are many housing choices for those looking to live in a district well-connected to other locations. Moreover, those who favor public transportation will see that Al Nahda is one of the excellent places to live in Dubai for non-drivers. Al Nahda Metro Station services all of Al Qusais and the surrounding localities. The bus links shuttling from Deira City Centre connect to Al Nahda 1. Evolving from an industrial zone, Al Nahda now houses huge residential buildings in two sub-districts (Al Nahda 1 and 2). Families, singles, and expats typically favor Al Nahda due to inexpensive apartment rentals and various property layouts.

Apartments for rent in Al Nahda Dubai go from affordable studio apartments to well-thought-out 4-bedroom houses. The average annual rent for studios in Al Nahda is AED 27k, while house rental Dubai 1-bed apartments will cost you AED 25k and AED 48k. A 2-bed house in Al Nahda spans 1,300 sq. ft. and goes for an average annual rent of AED 46k. Also, leasing more spacious houses like 3-bed apartments and 4-bed apartments in Al Nahda may cost you around AED 65k to AED 80k. On average, some projects may also offer 5 BHK flats for AED 140k.

Houses for Rent in Dubai Marina

More than 200 residential towers are there in Dubai Marina, each tower offering stunning views of the emirate and the harbor. The location offers tenants a dynamic neighborhood lifestyle. It is geared towards apartment living, although there are also a small number of state-of-the-art podium villas to pique investors' interest in buying villas. Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina go from studios, 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom apartments, all the way up to lavish penthouses with 5 or more bedrooms.

Rates for retail for rent in Dubai Marina begin from AED 27k, whereas 1-bedroom apartments for rent are in the price range of AED 34k to AED 800k. The starting house rental Dubai rate of bigger 2-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina is AED 50k annually. The annual rent for 3-bedroom apartments varies between AED 70k to AED 350k. The house rental Dubai price for 4-bed flats is AED 186k yearly. 5-bedroom penthouses can start from AED 229k to AED 850k per year. The community also offers immense 2 to 5-bedroom villas for lease. For example, a 3-bedroom villa can be leased for AED 120k to AED 255k for a year. The average rental rate for a 4-bed house is AED 373k. The house rent in Dubai for a 5-bedroom villa goes from AED 250k to AED 380k annually.

Houses for Rent in Deira Dubai

Deira is Dubai's oldest commercial neighborhood. It is connected by Dubai Creek, Sharjah, and the Arabian Gulf. Deira is one of the famous locations in the emirate to live and work in. This district is well known amongst tourists for the glittering Gold Souk, a prominent Dubai trading hub.

The booming residential community is a favorite area to rent apartments in the city. You can find from 1 to 4-bed houses for rent. Annual rents for studios in Deira Dubai go between AED 11k and AED 45k. 1-BHK apartments can be rented for as low as AED 22k per year and go up to as high as AED 106k annually. The 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Deira Dubai can cost between AED 30k and AED 115k per year. Those looking for more freedom can rent a 3-bed apartment at a price range between AED 53k and AED 150k.

Also, you can rent an apartment in Deira Dubai for as low as AED 65k per annum. Annual rent for a spacious 5-bed is AED 180k. Apart from the apartments, you can find chiller-free penthouses for rent in Deira Dubai for AED 175k. Many locals and expats 1 bhk villa for rent in Deira Dubai due to their affordability and closeness to fundamental amenities. 2-bed villas for rent start from as low as AED 43k per year, while the 3-bed villas for rent in Deira Dubai are priced between AED 65k and AED 90k per year. 4-bed villas for rent span from AED 80k to AED 170k per annum.

Houses for Rent in JVC Dubai

Houses in Jumeirah Village Circle Dubai give the emirate's large population a unique selection of urban living choices in a village neighborhood. Those living in JVC value the calm ambiance of the place, wrapped by leafy gardens and canals, evoking a very-needed feel of tranquility in a bustling metropolis like Dubai. Seemingly, one of the aspects why expats and Emiratis prefer to rent and buy properties in JVC is because of its family-oriented setting. Expat families in the emirate seem to enjoy living here, primarily due to its plenty of schools, parks, and wellness centers. The area is even trendy amongst real estate investors due to its lucrative pricing and high rental yields.

Speaking of the affordability of Jumeirah Village Circle rents, you can rent a studio apartment in JVC for around AED 29k per year. The 1-bedroom flats cost about AED 45k, while those looking for a more spacious house can rent 2-bedroom apartments for an average of AED 65k in Jumeirah Village Circle.

Further, 3-bedroom flats in JVC are proposed for rents ranging between AED 62k and AED 125k per year. Suppose you prefer top-floor residences with a view. In that case, JVC offers an exclusive selection of 2 to 4-bed apartments for rent in JVC from AED 65k. Villas and townhouses for rent in JVC are also provided at a reasonable starting rent of AED 71k, excellent for families looking for slightly more privacy and freedom. There is an option of 2 to 5-bedroom villas for rent. A classic 3-bedroom house in JVC can be leased out for AED 96k per year. While 4-bedroom houses can be leased for AED 124k yearly.

This wraps up our review of the best areas to Rent a House in Dubai. Each area mentioned above is the go-to spot for residents regarding shopping, dining, and leisure. In addition, you can explore some essential things to know before leasing a house in Dubai.

These are the best areas to consider for anyone planning to move to Dubai. Also, stay updated with Driven Properties for more real estate reviews.