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Top 10 MNC Companies in Dubai

Posted on July 11, 2023 by Driven Properties

What are the Top 10 MNC Companies in Dubai?

Many multinational corporations (MNCs) are establishing a presence in Dubai to take advantage of its advantageous business climate and provide its talent with a distinctive lifestyle as the world emerges from the pandemic.

Having an address in a significant city like Dubai does not necessarily need to be a requirement for an MNC, but it can be seen as a symbol of prosperity and commitment.

Dubai offers first-rate infrastructure, access to regional and global transit networks, and proximity to capital, partners, and financial services providers. Moreover, being close to stakeholders can help to create stronger connections.

In this blog, uncover the most excellent multinational corporations in Dubai for any professionals considering changing employers or just beginning their careers. Read ahead!

What is the number of MNCs present in Dubai?

1. IBM 

Dubai is a technology and business services company headquartered in the city, recruiting individuals with knowledge of various technologies.

2. KPMG 

Dubai is an international professional services firm offering tax and advisory services, with competitive salaries and benefits such as medical insurance coverage.

3. Deloitte

A professional services company headquartered in London is a major player in the world of audit, finance, risk management, and tax. It is the largest professional network services company in terms of size and revenue and employs 412,000 people globally.

4. Deutsche Bank

A German multinational investment bank and financial services firm based in Frankfurt provides clients access to corporate finance, capital markets, and asset management.

5. Huawei Technologies

A Chinese technology company based in Shenzhen (Guangdong), produces and sells telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics, as well as other smart devices, and has deployed its products and services in 170 countries.

6. Amazon

Is a marketplace for buyers, sellers, and content creators, as well as a platform for musicians, authors, and app developers to promote their work.

7. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Is an international professional services network that provides assurance, tax, and consulting services, and is one of the largest professional services networks in the world, with 742 locations in 157 countries and 295,000 employees.

8. Ernst & Young (EY)

Is a multinational professional services partnership based in London, providing assurance services, tax, consulting, and advice. It has expanded into strategy, operations, technology, and financial services consulting.

9. Google

Is a major MNC in Dubai offering a wide range of products and services, such as web-based advertising services and communication, and publishing tools. It also offers career opportunities and benefits such as competitive pay and employee stock purchase programs.

10. Cisco

Is a global leader in IT and networking, providing excellent networking, wireless and mobility, and security solutions, as well as competitive compensation plans and benefits such as tuition reimbursement and annual bonuses.

What are the reasons that are motivating MNCs to relocate to Dubai?

Multinational corporations are migrating to Dubai due to a range of incentives. Having a physical presence is essential for businesses in the current climate, with most staff now back in the office. Aside from the office space, Dubai`s offering also includes higher-than-normal wages and a zero-tax system for employees and companies alike. Additionally, the city offers a premier lifestyle that is both luxurious and reasonably priced. For instance, in the 24 most costly cities in the world according to a Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report published by Julius Baer, Dubai is ranked 14th. This is despite the 19% cost spike the emirate has experienced since the pandemic.

DIFC - Appealing Business Destination

The DIFC has become a go-to destination for many multinational companies looking to expand their network due to its business-friendly environment, low taxes, and range of visa options. It also offers flexibility in terms of working models, with options for traditional office working and hybrid models when companies need less space on a full-time basis.

These features have attracted some of the world`s biggest companies, such as ExxonMobil, Merck, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, PetroChina, Petronas, and Schamberger, to establish offices in the DIFC. Nestlé is one of many companies that have multiple offices throughout Dubai, with offices in both DIFC and Dubai World Central.

Dubai Internet City - The Region`s Most Prominent Tech Enterprise Community

Dubai Internet City is a bustling hub for multinationals and SMEs, catering to a range of different fields. Popular companies such as Vodafone, Canon, Dell, and Siemens are based here. Businesses that specialize in the creation and distribution of multimedia content are also abundant in the area.

As people are increasingly consuming more content online, the number of these companies has grown rapidly. They provide platforms and applications to facilitate networking. Notable companies in this sector include 3M Gulf Limited, Google FZ-LLC, Facebook, LinkedIn, Symantec Limited, Sony Middle East and Africa, and Twitter Arabia FZ-LLC.

Telecommunication and network firms in Dubai Internet City are also present. They are responsible for the development, installation, modification, and operation of networks for clients. Additionally, they provide services for running network-based applications. However, they are not able to manufacture physical components nor can they trade such products.

Prominent companies in this field are Amazon Data Services MENA FZ-LLC, AT&T Communications Services Gulf States Inc, China Telecom Middle East FZ-LLC, Cisco Systems International FZ-LLC, HTC Middle East FZ-LLC, Huawei Tech (UAE) FZ-LLC, LG Hausys Middle East, General Electric International Operations Company, Inc., MasterCard Middle East Africa FZ-LLC, Nokia Solutions and Networks MEA FZ-LLC, Sony Mobile Communications International AB, Samsung SDS Europe ME & Africa, Tata Communications (Middle East) FZ-LLC, Telenor Global Services AS, and Vodafone Enterprise Europe (UK) Limited.

Editor’s note

Dubai is a city of extremes in many aspects, but it still upholds its cultural heritage. At the same time, the city is embracing the most modern technologies in order to be an integral part of the contemporary world. It provides numerous job opportunities for those who decide to work there, with numerous sectors such as real estate and construction, banking and finance, oil and petroleum, and tourism having abundant vacancies. There are domestic, GCC-based, and international companies in Dubai, and some of them are highly sought-after by professionals.

To find out more and stay on top of new MNCs, watch this space!