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Posted on November 22, 2020 by Driven Properties

Dubai Hills villas are among the most prestigious properties in Dubai as part of Dubai Hills the master-planned development with a well-thought-out schema, extending over a vast area of ​​what nears 11 million square feet that includes residential units of different types, in addition to service facilities such as shopping centers, hotels, gardens, sports facilities and other services that are useful to families, making it a family-friendly community.

This mega-development comes as a cooperation between two of the most esteemed real estate developers in Dubai. It provides an excellent investment and residential opportunity for people, due to many advantages that make it a distinctive development with excellent expected potential. 

10 Factors to Consider Before Invest in Villas in Dubai Hills Estate

In the following, we will shed light on ten factors that make Dubai Hills a development in general and Dubai Hills Estate villas a residential option in particular, a worthy opportunity and a good choice for you.

1. Location

Location is one of the first aspects that a homebuyer looks at when choosing a new home. It is very important to choose a location that keeps you close to places you frequent a lot, that would save you a lot of time; time that you can spend doing things you love. Dubai Hills villas for sale take place in the southwest of MBR city, which is a new area of great prospects in the city.

2. Great Amenities

Dubai Hills villas are provided with some class-A amenities so residents can find all they need within reach. from fitness-dedicated areas and facilities, swimming pools, parks, and green areas to a championship golf course.

3. Stellar community

To consider a community outstanding, it should offer residents a space to unwind and get closer to nature, let alone the services it offers. And this is what you should expect with Dubai Hills villas for sale, it’s a piece of manicured nature dotted with beautiful peaceful villas for sale.

4. Safe neighbourhood

Dubai Hills villas for rent enjoy a high level of security being located in a very safe neighborhood with many security means that are especially put to give residents peace of mind that their houses and families are completely safe at all times and can enjoy their time indoors and outdoors freely within this gated community. 

5. Well-thought-out Layouts

Dubai Hills villas for rent have thoughtful layouts that make the best out of the space to give the residential unit a good flow. A well-planned layout allows you to move around your home with ease and use every room every day.


6. A touch of artistic design

The interior design lines set for Dubai Hills villas are very impressive and neat. Every room of the villas in this prime development has a cutting-edge design, aiming to provide a comfortable and beautiful space that you would love to spend time in. 

7. Privacy like no other place

Whenever you think villa, privacy comes to mind. Dubai Hills villas are the type of houses that give you the most privacy you can ask for. You will have your own outdoor space, parking spots, and windows that open at your little garden meaning that you can enjoy sunlight all day long without sacrificing your privacy.

8. Outdoor living

Dubai Hills Estate is a community that values the importance of nature and its effect on people and how it transforms their days by giving them a quieter pace allowing them to relax and enjoy their time. For that reason, Dubai Hills Villas is a project that enhances the outdoor experience for residents by making room for natural whereabouts and grassy lawns with seating areas and dedicated trails for cycling and jogging. Your outdoor workout will always be refreshing and fun once you own one of Dubai Hills properties for sale.

9. Connectivity

This is a very well-connected community with direct access to major roads and public transportation availability. This is one of the key factors in making Dubai Hills villas for sale a desirable option in a prime development.

10. Worthy investment

Owning a home in gated secure communities always adds value to your property, and Dubai Hills villas provide countless features that make it a sought-after choice to a lot of people.   

It is our pleasure to give you the consultancy you require to help you choose the property that suits your needs and family requirements from Dubai Hills villas for sale. Our experienced team at Driven Properties will give you the assistance you need to make an informed decision to own the home of your dreams.

To know more about the villas for sale available in Dubai Hills Estate, just fill in your contact details here and our community expert will call you back.