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Why Dubai Creek Harbour Is a Great Choice For Living

Posted on December 30, 2020 by Driven Properties

Dubai Creek Harbour is a destination designed to be the new heart of the city, with an area equivalent to twice the size of Downtown Dubai, that includes many tourist attractions and entertainment facilities such as high-class restaurants and cafes, business centers, and marine facilities since it is an area with a modern waterfront that provides enjoyable activities and stunning views.

In this article, you will learn more about the type of life that you can live in Dubai Creek Harbour when you buy a property in this distinctive destination.

The Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

One of the features that made Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour a dazzling destination is the Dubai Creek Tower, which was designed to surpass Burj Khalifa by about 100 meters and claim the title of the tallest man-made building in the world. In its upper section, the Dubai Creek Tower will contain observation decks that provide 360-degree views of its surroundings, as it will include a sky garden that mimics its design the legendary Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. Additionally, the tower will contain scenic restaurants, cafes, and a hotel.

Vivid nature

Dubai Creek Harbour is an area with distinctive natural features, which is a characteristic that separates it from any other place in Dubai, as the Creek is a water body formed by the natural flow of water from the sea to the interior areas forming this unique water extension. This special nature has become home to many creatures that found a haven in it to become permanent residents of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. Especially flamingos, which form, with their significant pink color, a part of the special character of this area, as well as mangroves and many aquatic creatures.

Upscale properties

Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour is a high-style residential area that is an ideal destination for families and individuals. Being a suitable neighborhood for settling as well as tourism, it presents a variety of modern apartments and villas available for people who are looking for a family home or an investment property. Buyers can find what they need from the offered options, including apartments of various sizes and villas with different styles and designs that would meet everyone's taste.

Strategic location

Emaar Dubai Creek Harbour is no more than 15 minutes away from Dubai Downtown which is the center of the city’s activities, this is a distance that allows you to stay close to all the events in Downtown with ease and allows you to enjoy a quiet waterfront lifestyle at the same time. The area is also close to other vital areas like Dubai Airport, which is convenient for businessmen and individuals who travel a lot.

Freehold community

Everyone can buy villas and apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour, as it is a freehold area that allows 100% ownership to foreigners.

To find out more options about available property for sale in Dubai Creek Harbour, you can fill in your contact information here and our community expert will gladly contact you.