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Best Communities to Buy Apartments in Dubai in 2021

Last modified on 15th March 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Best Communities to Buy Apartments in Dubai in 2021

Home is the place where we relax, spend time with the ones we love and recharge our energy, which makes us pay the utmost attention to all the details related to choosing it. Deciding the location is one of the most important aspects when looking for a new house as it involves, not only the environment around, but also proximity to all the services and facilities that influence the quality of life one would have.

Whether your search includes finding a luxurious home that meets all the needs of modern life with a hint of opulence and indulgence, or finding a comfortable, warm apartment of an affordable price in an upscale neighborhood that provides necessary facilities, you can find a property for sale in Dubai communities that can be compatible with what you need.

Apartments for sale in off plan projects are a very good choice for you if you are willing to wait for the handover and own in return a top-notch apartment with a good deal in terms of price. However, if your situation or circumstances require that you buy an apartment in ready projects for sale in Dubai communities you will find plenty of options in Dubai real estate market to fit your needs.

In this article we will review a number of communities in Dubai that can give you a comfortable style of urban life that would provide well-being and happiness for you and your family.


Downtown Dubai

For people who seek contemporary, rapid-living style in a neighborhood that never sleeps, there is no better place than Downtown Dubai. It’s the whole package, and the place that allows you to truly live the Dubai living experience at its best.


Palm Jumeirah

It is the ideal place that offers the favored model of life in Dubai, with an array of the best recreational options in the world. Its proximity to the downtown, sea-view apartments and exclusive private beaches are all factors that make Palm Jumeirah the best residential neighborhood to buy property in Dubai.

This man-made island offers fancy designs, deluxe entertainment selection and first-class services, like markets, malls, high-end restaurants and famous world-class hotels.


Dubai Hills Estate

A luxurious residential area featuring Dubai Hills Golf course and Club overlooking the Burj Khalifa, where you can enjoy both the natural and urban sides of Dubai.

The area includes many facilities such as classy hotels, hospitals, schools, a cycling and running track and the huge Dubai Hills Mall, which caters to the residents needs and provides them with the convenience expected.


Dubai sports city 

Dubai Sports City is a beautiful residential area, which can surprise you with its beautifully coordinated streets and modern buildings, which architecture ranges from contemporary modern style to traditional Arabic. As indicated by its name, for those looking for a home with a lively and active lifestyle, where they can find many recreational activities to do, especially sports, it is the most suitable choice to buy property in Dubai community.


Business Bay 

For those looking for a home that keeps them in the heart of the action near the business centers and Downtown, then Business Bay is the place to be. This area includes skyscrapers and high-rise buildings dedicated to offices and business spaces, besides luxurious residential units. Living in Business Bay provides you with a lifestyle that is a combination of rich, vibrant living and fast-moving business environment, which cannot be found anywhere else. Business Bay is very close to the city center and its famous landmarks such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, The Opera, and others. It also offers many entertainment options like cafes, restaurants and other exceptional amenities.


City Walk

City Walk is an integrated residential community that offers Dubai residents a contemporary way of living in the city, providing families and individuals with all the requirements of modern life in one place.

It is one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in the city, as it combines a charming urban character with its coordinated streets lined with shops, cafes and restaurants, and the simple urban style represented by the low-rise buildings surrounded by beautiful trees.


The springs 

The springs area offers a wide range of stylish residences within a chic and quiet neighborhood that allows Dubai residents to have a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of life as well as the seclusion they need to recharge away from the crowds. The project provides excellent amenities and is close to many favorite destinations in Dubai such as Downtown, Dubai Marina, and JBR Beach.

The springs is one of the preferred options to buy property in Dubai, and it offers a variation in sizes and styles, within reasonable prices.


Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle is a popular residential community among buyers looking for a new community with a full range of luxury options and affordable prices. This community offers an ideal lifestyle for families and individuals looking for a comfortable place for quiet living while staying close to the heart of the city and its important destinations. Besides, the community provides vast areas of parks and gardens, cafes and restaurants, and other facilities. 

You can find out more about the available options of apartments for sale in Dubai real estate by filling your contact details here and our community expert will call you back.