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Best Communities to Buy Property in Dubai in 2021- Villas

Last modified on 17th November 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Best Communities to Buy Property in Dubai in 2021- Villas

Dubai is a beautiful city and it’s the dream for so many people to live and own a property in Dubai. It’s a vibrant place with a lot of job opportunities that allow people to grow professionally and build their future and career. Besides the cultural diversity it has, that gives you the chance to meet people from different parts of the world and get to know more about their lifestyles and traditions. On the top of it all, it’s the place where you can enjoy the sun for most of the year. In Dubai, your daily life can involve morning exercises at the beach, evening strolls in the open Souq places or high-class malls, safari trips, night out with friends by the fire in the desert, and many more activities that you can enjoy only in Dubai all at once.

For all these reasons, added to them the fact that Dubai real estate offer the highest ROI in comparison with similar markets around the world, we see investors and homebuyers, not only those who live in Dubai but also the nonresident buyers considering to buy property in dubai.

The first question that comes to mind when you start actively searching for a Dubai properties is, what is the best community to buy property in Dubai?

To choose the area to buy property in Dubai Community you need to decide the purpose you’re buying the property for. If your goal is finding a home for your family, there are many destinations that can offer you a dreamy lifestyle, by offering luxury and comfort that will make your life more happy and enjoyable. Both Off Plan and Ready projects for sale in Dubai communities offer options of luxurious high-end residences, and you can choose between the two options depending on many factors like your budget and needs.

When you want to find a home for your family you take into considerations everything that can make your life as a family easier and more comfortable. Space and privacy always make it to the top of the list when setting your priorities of choosing the new home, and villas can provide them both. There are a number of options that you can explore to buy villas in either off-plan or Ready projects for sale in Dubai communities. In this article you can have a look on the best communities to buy villas in Dubai in 2021:

Villas in Jumeirah 

The Jumeirah district is home to elegant villas of simple refined designs, that are just steps away from Jumeirah Beach and neighbour to Burj Al Arab, the famous seven-star hotel. What distinguishes Jumeirah area is that it includes many health and medical centers, clinics, schools and even colleges, which makes it an excellent choice for families, whether small new ones or large with members of different ages.

Villas in Arabian Ranches 

Arabian Ranches in Dubailand is one of the largest development projects in Dubai and is the true example of the joy peaceful life in the elegant suburbs of Dubai. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities and the congestion of its streets, the residents of the ranches enjoy a quiet life among vast areas of greenery that provide spaces for sports activities, walking, strolling, barbecue, and places for kids to play. In addition to many facilities such as swimming pools, clubs, sports stadiums, etc. The development offers a variety of villas, ranging from 2-bedroom villas to large villas that goes up to seven bedrooms, all with beautiful designs inspired by the authentic Arabic architecture and the Mediterranean style.

Villas in Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills is a top-class integrated community designed in inspiration of the Beverly Hills. This neighbourhood has everything there is for luxurious living, with its collection of residences and villas surrounded by extensive spaces of green lawns and provided with recreational facilities from pools to BBQ areas and playgrounds. besides that it has the montgomery golf course and club that ensures elevating the lifestyle you’re promised in Emirates Hills to another level

Villas in Al Barari

This is an amazing, environment-friendly community that is suitable for those looking for a quiet and healthy life, full of enjoyable activities and close to nature. It is the perfect place for individuals and modern families who love to live luxuriously within a sustainable environment that provides all amenities and entertainment services, with the ability to stay close to the heart of the city and its key destinations. The Al Barari community offers a number of clusters for villas and apartments. The villas and apartments are presented in many options of different designs that are all in harmony with nature.

Villas in Mirdif 

Preferred by many people for its seclusion, being away from the crowded area but not too far so you can still go anywhere you want around Dubai in a matter of minutes. The neighborhood features high-class villas serviced with top facilities form shopping to fitness and leisure. City Center Mirdif and Mushrif Park in Mirdif area are favorite places and most visited, not only by those who live nearby, but by residents of other areas and emirates. Its closeness to Dubai International Airport makes it a perfect home for those who need to travel a lot saving them the trouble of a long trip between home and the airport. 

Villas in MBR City

Mohammed bin Rashid city is an upscale mixed-used destination that includes different types of luxury residences like palaces, exclusive villas and elegant apartments. It is an integrated complex that aspires to provide all the requirements of a lavish modern life with all its basic and recreational components to be the true representation of the concept "city within the city" on which the design of the residential neighborhood was put to demonstrate. It is a huge development that combines nature, art, business, shopping and entertainment all in one place. It includes the largest man-made lagoon in the world, one of the largest shopping centers in Dubai, stunning natural spaces, curated gardens, and a lot of luxurious life elements available for residents to explore.

Villas in Dubai Hills Estate

At Dubai Hills Estate, you can enjoy a quiet life and unparalleled privacy in one of its elegant villas with beautiful views of the golf courses surrounded by vast green areas and a number of distinctive facilities such as hospitals, schools and luxury hotels in addition to the Dubai Hills Mall, steps away from your home.

You can find out more about the available options of villas in Dubai real estate by filling your contact details here and our community expert will call you back.