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City Walk - Flats & Apartments For Sale

Dubai is famous for its charming real estate destinations that combine sophistication, innovation, and creativity in a modern design and luxurious and integrated facilities. 

Dubai City Walk is one of these attractive destinations for housing, which offers an elegant, distinctive and modern lifestyle amid an integrated and upscale community, and offers a wide choice of City Walk Dubai apartments for sale, which are designed with quality, modernity, and stunning and unforgettable views of Dubai's landmarks.

And not only that, but it is one of the most popular destinations for tourism in Dubai with its ideal location, entertainment options, and ease of movement in it. 

In Dubai city walk, you will not face any problems with transportation, and you will enjoy its charming gardens, areas for children, and the possibility of strolling in the green spaces and taking the most beautiful pictures.

Where is Dubai City Walk Located?

Dubai City Walk is a fictional place, comprising 34 buildings, located in a privileged location of Al Wasl Street within the Al Safa area. 

It is one of the most attractive destinations for tourists with its endless recreational facilities due to the beauty of its distinctive properties with its glass facades and charming views. 

In it, you will find international American, Arab, Chinese, French, and Italian restaurants. Beside shopping malls that suit different tastes, and are easily accessible from various areas of Dubai, such as Downtown and others

It is also close to the Dubai Mall and Al Wasl Mall and includes many cafes, hotels, resorts, and luxury recreational facilities that suit families and lovers of modern life, fitness centers and the streets are full of beautiful and charming paintings of a group of the most famous international artists, and wherever you go you will find creativity in the streets as it is distinguished by its contemporary architectural style.

Is investing in City Walk Dubai properties a good idea?

This full, vibrant, and developed area, which provides many options for endless entertainment from restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping centers, and amusement parks, is one of the best areas in demand for housing, as it has a wide choice of real estate, whether 1 bedroom for sale or 2 bedrooms for sale in City Walk or even three or four bedroom apartments, most of which feature mesmerizing views of Dubai's famous landmarks.

It is one of the most important areas in which people want to buy homes because it provides all the needs of families and individuals in terms of service and entertainment facilities and also allows foreigners to own freehold, and its competitive prices and high returns make it a good choice for real estate investors, as the return on investment is not less than 4.5%

Is Dubai City Walk a good place to live?

It is one of the most attractive real estate destinations in the Emirate of Dubai, as it provides all its residents with a sophisticated lifestyle amid an integrated community of City Walk apartments and recreational facilities that meet the different tastes of people, alongside international shopping centers that include the most famous brands, in addition to international and local luxury restaurants, and all the amenities that make Life is unique in every detail.

It is also close to Sheikh Zayed Road, Burj Khalifa, the most famous tower in the world, and the Dubai Metro station. 

It has many means of transportation and is full of supermarkets and educational facilities from schools and universities such as Canadian University and Mohammed bin Rashid University, and gyms.

Thus, when you are looking for City Walk apartments for sale that provide everything you may need in terms of housing, whether City Walk 1 bedroom for sale or City Walk 2 bedroom for sale and others, they are all equipped with a variety of services and entertainment options, you will not find a better place than Dubai City Walk for housing and investment at the same time

How much is an average apartment in Dubai City Walk?

This area, which is considered the third most sought-after area in Jumeirah for rent and purchase, allows individuals and families to spend a lot of time with countless entertainment options, and to carry out recreational activities. 

Many events and art exhibitions are held for the most famous artists, whether local or international, you can take souvenir photos around the dancing fountain, and enjoy its different shopping options from the best malls, cinemas and children's play centers and you will see creativity wherever you go.

If you are looking for a place to live that provides all the services you may need with a high-end lifestyle and enchanting views of the Dubai skyline, you will find City Walk 1 bedroom for sale, with prices ranging between 1606000 AED and 2574990 AED.

This is due to the difference in the required spaces and equipment in the apartments, including the number of rooms and bathrooms within them, and the amenities that you want to provide within the building, whether swimming pools, clubs, parking lots, and many other factors.

If you are looking for a family place that offers activities suitable for children, you will find 2 bedrooms for sale in City Walk, with prices ranging between 2779700 and 4,200,000 AED, all equipped with modern amenities as well as easy access to various famous areas of Dubai.

The price variation is due to the space required, the facilities, the facilities and even the views that people may desire.

There are also three-bedroom City Walk apartments for sale in City Walk that are characterized by sophistication, modernity and beautiful views, and the prices range between 3889,000 and 700,000 AED.