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DIFC - Flats & Apartments For Sale

DIFC is one of the fundamental commercial destinations within the Emirate of Dubai and one of the most important global financial centers for the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa markets.

You will find many apartments for sale in DIFC Dubai, all suitable for individuals or families and fulfill the requirements of modern life, from essential to recreational facilities, where you can get a one-bedroom apartment or two-bedroom apartments in DIFC. There are also options for three-bedroom apartments for sale in DIFC; all come with modern and elegant designs and the services and amenities you desire.

What is DIFC known for the most?

DIFC is known for its high-rise buildings, modern and luxurious apartments, shops, exceptional galleries, parking spaces, and plenty of modern amenities that make it highly desirable for individuals or families looking for a modern lifestyle that combines work and leisure.

On the other hand, DIFC is also known for its ideal location close to Dubai's vital places, markets, and commercial centers, such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Mall, Dubai World Trade Center, and Burj Khalifa.

What are the best places to visit in DIFC?

In DIFC, you will find many facilities that provide a high-end life for individuals and families, such as restaurants and cafes that serve various delicious foods and meals, retail stores, luxury malls, international brands, and famous hotel resorts. In addition to museums, art galleries, and fitness centers. Also, the gate building is considered one of the most prominent features of DIFC due to its unique and distinctive design, which makes it an ideal choice for holding exhibitions.

What is the average cost of an apartment for sale in DIFC Dubai?

When searching, you will find many options available, starting with a 1 bedroom apartment in DIFC, whose prices range between AED 975,000 and AED 2011,759, and some of them are located in the Index Tower DIFC Dubai, which is considered one of the best buildings in DIFC.

The cost of the DIFC apartment for sale varies depending on several factors, including the space you need, the area, the tower you want to live in, and the view of your choice.

You can find two-bedroom apartments in DIFC with prices ranging from AED 3,000,000 to 4,500,000, and these prices vary depending on the size, view, facilities, and many other factors.

Is DIFC Dubai a good investment option?

Indeed yes, it is located in the heart of Dubai and is considered a commercial center that includes the finest hotels, exhibitions, and restaurants. Luxury DIFC apartments for sale are designed with quality and thus meet the expectations of all buyers looking for life in a vibrant and developed city, which will drive demand for purchase or rent to a high level.

Is DIFC Dubai a good option for business and commercial setup?

DIFC is one of the most attractive places in the UAE for startups because it has excellent features and advantages like:

  • Easy access to all markets
  • The most esteemed legal system in the Gulf
  • Suitable infrastructure for financial business and high-security transactions.
  • Companies get 100% ownership without the need for a local partner.

These qualities make a lot of companies start establishing their business in DIFC. So if you are thinking about starting your business in DIFC, do not hesitate, mainly as this region includes more than 200 banks and financial institutions and is moving towards more financing from the Dubai government and