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Dubai Silicon Oasis Apartments For Sale

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Dubai Silicon Oasis - Flats & Apartments For Sale

Dubai Silicon Oasis is one of the most technologically advanced areas in Dubai, and a desirable place to live and establish businesses due to its distinguished and strategic location, which is close to the Dubai Mall, one of the most famous shopping centers in the world, in addition to other landmarks within the emirate, like Dubai International Airport, Downtown Dubai, Global Village, and Jumeirah Beach. 

Silicon Oasis Dubai apartments for sale are famous for their luxurious and upscale designs. In this beautiful area, there are a lot of options available, regarding Silicon Oasis Dubai apartments for sale, all at affordable prices suitable for individuals and families and equipped with all the amenities and facilities you need, like entertainment facilities, modern restaurants, various retail stores, and workspaces, and this is good for people who are looking for a place to work and live at the same time.

Is Dubai Silicon Oasis a good place to live?

Many families with children want to buy Silicon Oasis Dubai apartments for sale due to its proximity to schools such as the International Indian School, nurseries such as Emirates British Nursery, and universities such as the American University in the Emirates.

On the other hand, you will find luxury restaurants, gyms, and playgrounds rich in charming and suitable green spaces, to do a lot of activities like walking, cycling, and taking memorable photos with family and friends.

It is also one of the most popular areas for housing, whether you want 1 bedroom apartment for sale, 2 bedroom apartment for sale, or 3 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis, you will find it all.

Its reasonable and appropriate prices distinguish it most and makes it and attractive investment for real estate investors and renters to buy or rent apartments.

In addition, most of the Silicon Oasis Dubai apartments for sale are designed in a modern, innovative and upscale style, with car parking, shopping malls, sports fields, health facilities, easy access to key areas, and all amenities that individuals, families, and newlyweds are looking for, making the process of buying an apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis, a very attractive opportunity.

Is Dubai Silicon Oasis Freehold?

It is a free zone and this means that foreigners are allowed to obtain ownership of the properties they buy, and it is one of the most popular areas for establishing businesses within the Emirate of Dubai as well as providing an ideal lifestyle for working and living at the same time, with its high-end commercial facilities and Silicon Oasis Dubai apartments for sale equipped with facilities Sophisticated and designed with the highest degree of sophistication, luxury and technological development.

It also provides large areas such as a commercial real estate for rent from offices and spaces designated to work with a highly innovative and advanced technological infrastructure that suits various businesses, activities and companies. 

Who owns Dubai Silicon Oasis?

Dubai Silicon Oasis is owned by the Government of Dubai and is characterized by its strategic location between Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Dubai Al-Ain Road, which makes it close to the famous areas in Dubai such as Dubai International Airport and Dubai Mall, and is equipped with luxury and integrated amenities from retail stores that provide all the needs of the residents within it and supermarkets, luxury restaurants, recreational, educational and health facilities.

Dubai Silicon Oasis, with its apartments for sale and its abundance of options, is an ideal destination for many expatriates from all over the world, whether families, working youth, or new couples. 

Recently, most families have been interested in housing and stability within this vibrant and harmonious area with different cultures, in addition to the presence of parks, kindergarten, modern schools, and universities nearby, all of which are available at affordable prices that suit your budget and needs

How much is an average apartment in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)?

The properties available vary from 1 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis and 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis, all equipped with integrated facilities of retail stores, restaurants, and gyms.

And if you are looking for apartments designed in a modern style and at reasonable prices, you will find a 1 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis in the middle of an integrated community in terms of shops, restaurants, educational and health facilities to secure the various needs of your life.

Even lovers of spacious spaces and who prefer to live in apartments that contain more than one room, whether for guests or even for children, will find a 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Silicon Oasis, designed with elegance and the highest quality, and has all the amenities that anyone desires. Prices range between AED 750,000 and AED 858,000. and these prices vary based on several factors, including the required space, location, view, and others.