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Properties for Sale in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most prominent business destinations, not only in the Middle East region but globally. With tremendous development in the past few decades, it has also become a prominent leisure destination in the region. All these factors have made Dubai real estate a lucrative and robust industry with varied investment options of excellent potential. The properties in Dubai boast of a strong infrastructure supporting some of the tallest buildings in the world, to the efficient housing option to one of the strongest global communities in the world. The properties for sale in Dubai are a great opportunity for local and expatriate individuals to benefit from steady and rapidly escalating prices. The high-rise buildings provide many apartments for sale in Dubai, which are generally favored by investors of all capital size. The larger villas for sale in Dubai attract many investors with larger capital and looking for even larger returns. The off-plan apartments for sale in Dubai are great investment ventures for many investors entering the market for the first time.

There are many prime Dubai communities where those looking to invest in Dubai properties can invest such as City Walk Dubai, Dubai Hills Estate, Jumeirah Village Circle and Downtown Dubai. The properties at Dubai Creek Harbour and Bluewaters Island Dubai are also coming up well and the properties listed for sale here are promising with a good return.

The real estate market in Dubai is also observing a renewed strength with plenty of lucrative ventures including properties for sale in City Walk Dubai. The investors and buyers can choose from a variety of 1 BHK apartments for sale in Dubai which they can rent out to single tenants and couples. The larger 2 BHK apartments and 3 BHK apartments for sale in Dubai are perfect for families with children and larger families. The Dubai real estate sale transactions have been steadily scaling higher numbers and it represents the confidence that many professional investors have towards the growth of real estate in Dubai.

FAQs about Properties in Dubai

Why should one invest in a property in Dubai?

The biggest benefit of being a homeowner in Dubai is being a part of the fast-growing infrastructure economies in the world. Everything about Dubai is expanding, from the job market to international trade and tourism. This presents a unique investment opportunity for investors looking for mid to long term options.

Is it a good time to buy a property in Dubai in 2020?

Many areas in Dubai are witnessing a very steep drop in prices due to the economic slump arising out of the COVID impact. This makes it a great time for investors to pick up properties before the prices recover and the growth ensues.

How is the current real estate market in Dubai?

The current real estate market in Dubai is entering the recovery state after many months of a steep decline in prices. While prices have declined in general, some areas including Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay have also seen a price per square foot increase so far in the year.

Are Dubai property prices stable during the COVID times?

The prices of properties are reaching a level of 2009-2010 which is great for investors with limited capital. Within their budget, they will be able to buy a better or bigger property. Some great initiatives by the government should have a positive effect on real estate prices by 2020 end.

Can an expat buy property in Dubai and live permanently?

Buying and selling of property in Dubai are allowed for expats under the freehold law of 2002. This allows the expats to invest freely in Dubai real estate market. Although expats cannot live permanently in Dubai, one can qualify for a residency visa if they purchase real estate worth 1,000,000 AED and have a monthly overseas income of 10,000 AED.