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Understanding Property Valuation

Property valuation, as the name implies, is the procedure through which a qualified real estate professional establishes the value of a property. Both buyers and sellers can benefit from a professional property valuation in Dubai.

The purpose of a property valuation is to discover the optimal price that maximizes profit for the buyer or seller by taking into account factors such as location, local facilities, available amenities inside the house, age and condition of the building, and current market trends.

Having a professional appraise your property will put your mind at ease and ensure that you get the best price for your home.

Methods of Property Valuation

You may determine the worth of a piece of real estate in several different ways.

Try Online Appraisal Resources

Anybody can use this method to quickly and accurately assess a property's worth. In general, property valuation tools are made to be user-friendly. User interfaces are intuitive and help customers through the appraisal procedure.

Research Price Movements in the Market

Using this method, you can learn about the asking and selling prices of comparable homes in the area of your choice. In the highly popular and highly transacted region of Dubai Marina, for instance, the average transaction price of a house with one bedroom is around AED 1.2 million. You should expect future purchases and sales of comparable properties to fall within this range. The same holds true for places that aren't as well-known.

Think in terms of your income

Using this method, one calculates a price based on the expected return on investment for the property. The profit method or the investment method can be used for this.

Using this method, you can locate an investment property that will secure your financial future.

Employ the Technique of Gain

The property's value is calculated taking into account the expected future profits of the company using it. This approach is typically used to assess the worth of commercial properties in Dubai's busiest districts.

Consider the Price Tag

For homes that don't sell in the open market under typical market conditions, this method may be considered. Temples, courthouses, and town halls all qualify as public structures.

The best price for these and similar properties can be determined using this method by comparing the actual cost of the property to the cost of a newly constructed structure with similar features.

Benefits of Property Valuation

Getting a property valuation is crucial. As a buyer, you should check that the property you're considering has a convenient location and easy access to essential services. You can't be confident you're receiving the greatest price for a home worth millions of AED without having it professionally valued.

Sellers also require a valuation in order to set a price that is reasonable in light of the present market conditions. Because of this, they won't be tempted to sell below market value.

Therefore, a property assessment can help investors of all stripes in locating the greatest properties that meet all of their needs and are a good value.

Property Valuation Process

Driven Properties offers a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to the clients free of cost to help them gain a better understanding of the market and provide assistance in the process of selling or buying the property. This will help to ensure that you list your property for sale or rent through Driven Properties, knowing its true value on the current marke

  • Sales comparison, or market data, using sales history records in the area and considering discrepancies, such as the age of the building and condition, between comparable properties.

  • Income capitalization, where the property is valued based on the income it can generate, usually in terms of rent.

  • The cost approach, which assumes that a buyer will not pay more than what it costs to build a property plus the cost of the land.

Please fill the form to receive a free valuation of your property.

*Note that free CMA report we offer is an estimated valuation only. Online property valuation calculator does not guarantee the 100% true value of your property.

Factors Affecting Property Value in Dubai

Location, age, condition, size, etc. of the building, as well as the state of the local market and economy, are all crucial considerations when assigning a value to a piece of real estate.

All of these elements affect the asking or purchase price, and disregarding just one of them can lead to a transaction that puts you at risk of severe financial loss.


Why do you need property valuation?

Property appraisals matter. Buyers must confirm the residence is in the best position near all amenities. You can't be sure you're receiving the greatest property pricing for millions of AED without a valuation. Sellers need property value to ask market price. This prevents property undervaluation. Thus, a property evaluation may help investors of all types choose the best residences that match their demands and are worth every penny.

How much does it cost to get a property valuation done?

Depending on the specifics of the project at hand, a property appraisal in Dubai can cost anywhere from AED 1,000 to more than AED 6,000. Property type and size may affect the final price.

What can I expect from a property valuation report?

A property valuation report usually includes a detailed description of the property, including its features, location, size, and condition; a comparison of the property to similar properties in the area; an analysis of the local real estate market; and a conclusion of the estimated market value of the property.

How often should I verify the value of my property?

It is recommended that you review the value of your property regularly, ideally at least once a year.

How to make a property more valuable?

  1. Upgrade and renovate. Painting, landscaping, and fixing broken fixtures can make a property more appealing and desirable.

  2. Improve curb attractiveness. Curb appeal is crucial to property value. Landscape improvements and ornamental elements like plants, a mailbox, and lighting can boost home value.

  3. Expand features. Decks, patios, and storage sheds increase home value.

  4. Improve energy efficiency. Installing double-paned windows, updating insulation, and using renewable energy can lower energy bills and increase home value.

  5. Use tech smartly. Property value can increase by installing smart home technology including security systems, home automation, and energy-efficient appliances.

How long will a property valuation take to complete?

A value certificate can be obtained in Dubai in roughly 5-10 days.

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