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Real Estate Relocation Services by Driven Properties

At Driven, we are passionate in providing our clients with the highest level of service and understand that relocating involves lots of planning; even before we assist you with your home search.

We have partnered with RelocateMe, a specialist GCC relocation service provider, to support you throughout your entire relocation journey.

Our goal to partner with RelocateMe is to ensure all of our clients are supported with every aspect of their relocation, through the assistance of our partners dedicated team, on the ground in the UAE, and throughout the GCC region.

You’ll have one point of contact

A dedicated and professional member of RelocateMe team will be assigned to you, on-hand to cater to your every need, from arranging your flights and temporary accommodation to finding your ideal new home in the UAE.

Meeting your needs and fulfilling your expectations

RelocateMe services are designed with your specific needs and requirements in mind. RelocateMe team will take the time to do in-depth research and have continual communication with you; so that once you arrive in the UAE, all you have to do is choose your new home and let us take care of everything else to us!

Minimising your costs

Moving country can prove very costly, which is why RelocateMe will advise you on how to reduce those costs. They will take time to listen to your family requirements; executing a plan so you don`t experience unnecessary delays and associated additional costs!

Getting you settled in quickly

From their very first contact, the relocation experts work to provide fast solutions for clients, so you can be assured in knowing we will have you settled into your new life and new home, as quickly as possible!

Ongoing Support

RelocateMe provide every client ongoing aftercare support advice, so if you face issues after your property move in, our team are on-hand to support you!


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