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Are you planning a visit to Dubai and seeking a comfortable and convenient accommodation option? Look no further! With an array of short-term rental properties available, you can enjoy a delightful stay in the vibrant city of Dubai.Read More

Whether you're traveling for business, leisure, or a short-term project, short-term rentals offer flexibility, affordability, and a home-like atmosphere. Let’s explore the benefits of short-term rentals in Dubai and guide you through the process of finding your ideal apartment for rent in Dubai monthly, villa, or stay in this captivating city.

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2 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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2 Bed 2 Bath 1,206 Sq.Ft.

Rented Modern 2 BR Peaceful Place, Umm Al Shief

API 1000 - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai

2 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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2 Bed 3 Bath 1,215 Sq.Ft.

Rented Cozy 2BR Easy Access Burj Arab

API 1000 - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai

2 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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2 Bed 2 Bath 1,548 Sq.Ft.

Rented Arabesque 2BR Souk AlBahar Fountain View

Souk Al Bahar - Old Town - Dubai

3 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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3 Bed 3 Bath 2,252 Sq.Ft.

Rented 3 BR Burj Khalifa View, Citywalk 12

Building 12 - City Walk - Dubai

4 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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4 Bed 5 Bath 2,650 Sq.Ft.

Rented Serene Living | Elegant 4 BR | Dubai Hills

Acacia - Dubai Hills Estate - Dubai

3 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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3 Bed 3 Bath 2,281 Sq.Ft.

Rented Massive 3 BR City Walk 11B With Huge Balcony

Building 11B - City Walk - Dubai

1 bedroom Apartment for rent in Dubai

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1 Bed 2 Bath 1,185 Sq.Ft.

Rented Prestigious 1BR | Armani Res | Downtown

Armani Residence - Downtown Dubai - Dubai

Short Term Rental in Dubai - Studio

AED 8,900 Monthly

1 Bath 597 Sq.Ft.

Studio Huge Balcony Loreto 1 Damac Hills

Loreto 1 B - DAMAC Hills - Dubai

Short Term Rental in Dubai - Studio

AED 12,000 Monthly

1 Bath 807 Sq.Ft.

Large Studio Modern Furnished, BSB - NOX

DAMAC Majestine - Business Bay - Dubai

Short Term Rental in Dubai - Studio

AED 11,500 Monthly

1 Bath 498 Sq.Ft.

Stylish Studio, Fabulous Amenities - NOX

Studio One - Dubai Marina - Dubai

Short Term Rental in Dubai - Studio

AED 90,000 Monthly

1 Bath 489 Sq.Ft.

12 Cheques | Furnished in Prime Location

Sol Avenue - Business Bay - Dubai

Short Term Rental in Dubai - Studio

AED 11,750 Monthly

1 Bath 530 Sq.Ft.

Fully Furnished| Modern Studio

J ONE Tower A - Business Bay - Dubai

Short Term Rental in Dubai - Studio

AED 9,999 Monthly

1 Bath 550 Sq.Ft.

Spacious | Stylish Studio with Balcony

AG Tower - Business Bay - Dubai

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Affordable & Luxurious Short Term Rentals in Dubai For Short Stay

With the rise of tourism and business, the demand for short term rentals in Dubai is on an all-time high. You can easily find a great apartment for rent in Dubai monthly suiting all budgets. The professionals visiting Dubai on business may consider taking short term rental apartments in Dubai while the tourists may prefer to go for short term rental villas in Dubai. For short term rental apartments in Dubai, several neighbourhoods provide great connectivity, atmosphere, and facilities.

In Dubai, there are plenty of places that you can take on rent for a longer period, but for the short term rentals, nothing matches the ease and charm of staying at a serviced apartment. The people on the lookout for short term rentals in Dubai can rely on Driven Properties to meet their needs of finding the right property. The amazing options are perfect for those who are in Dubai for a short time and want a quality living space without investing money and time in furnishing the space.

Whether you need accommodation for a month, 6 months, or even longer, there are several benefits of choosing serviced short term rental apartments or hotel apartment for rent in Dubai monthly. Equipped with all modern facilities such as Air Conditioning, Swimming pools, Carpets, Wardrobes, Broadband, and Parking these apartments will make you miss your home a little less. You can find every facility that some of the best luxury apartments of the world including the apartments for rent in Dubai Marina monthly.

You can find some great hotel apartments for short term rental options at some of the most popular locations in Dubai, such as Business Bay, Bur Dubai, City Walk, Dubai Marina, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Media City, Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Hill Estate, etc.

Apart from short term rental furnished apartments in Dubai, you can also go for splendid villas in Dubai for rent. When searching for a furnished villa for rent in Dubai in the short term, you can consider Mirdif, Al Barsha, DAMAC Hills 2, Dubai Hill Estates, The Springs, Dubailand, Palm Jumeirah, and Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). Whether you want a short term rental in Dubai Marina or a beautiful villa at Arabian Ranches, you can find it easily through Driven Properties.

Benefits of Short Term Rentals for Apartments in Dubai

  • Cost-Effective Living

    • Short-term rentals can be more cost-effective than traditional hotel stays in certain circumstances. For example, if you have a large group of people, a short-term rental discounted for weekly or monthly rates is more affordable than hotel rates. Furthermore, you can take advantage of the more spacious living spaces of short-term rentals for a lower cost. Finally, most short-term rentals will have full kitchens, saving you money on meals by cooking rather than ordering or dining outside.
  • Ideal for Business and Leisure Travelers

    • Similarly, short-term rentals can be more ideal than hotel stays for business and leisure travelers. If you are on an extended trip, you can get discounts on weekly or monthly rates on short-term rentals. Also, you can enjoy home-like amenities like washing machines, dryers, and entertainment systems for a more comfortable and convenient stay than a basic hotel room.

Flexibility and Convenience

Short-term rentals in Dubai provide you with the flexibility to choose the duration of your stay, whether it's a few days, weeks, or a couple of months. Unlike traditional hotels, short-term rentals allow you to tailor your accommodation to suit your specific needs, making them an ideal choice for both short and extended stays.

Home-like Comfort

One of the significant advantages of short-term rentals is the homely comfort they offer. Instead of being confined to a single room, you can enjoy the privacy and spaciousness of an entire apartmens. Starting with studio apartment in Dubai for monthly rent, 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai monthly, 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai monthly and more. These properties come fully furnished and equipped with modern amenities, providing you with a comfortable living space and a relaxing environment to unwind after a day of exploration.

Top Choices for Short-Term Monthly Rental Properties

Short Term Apartment Rental Dubai

Dubai offers a diverse range of short-term apartments for rent, catering to various budgets and preferences. Whether you're looking for a cozy studio apartment for rent in Dubai monthly, a luxurious penthouse, or a family-friendly one bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai monthly, you'll find abundant options to choose from. Use reputable online platforms or consult with a reliable real estate agency specializing in short-term rentals to find the perfect apartment that meets your requirements.

Short Stay Apartments in Dubai

If you prefer the convenience of a serviced apartment, Dubai has a wide selection of short-stay apartments available. These apartments offer hotel-like amenities, including housekeeping services, gym facilities, and 24/7 concierge, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable stay. Whether you're traveling alone, with a partner, or as a family, these apartments provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Short Term Villa Rentals Dubai

For those seeking a more luxurious and spacious option, short-term villa rentals in Dubai are an excellent choice. With breathtaking views, private pools, and exclusive amenities, these villas offer a truly indulgent experience. Ideal for family vacations or larger groups, renting a villa in Dubai allows you to create lasting memories in a serene and opulent setting.

Dubai Short Stay

Dubai's short-stay accommodations cater to individuals who require temporary housing for business trips, relocation, or transitional periods. These fully furnished apartments are strategically located in prominent areas, providing easy access to business centers, shopping malls, and popular attractions. With flexible lease terms and competitive rates, Dubai's short-stay apartments are designed to meet the needs of business travelers and individuals on short-term assignments.