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Diversity in Driven

Last modified on 28th November 2022. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Diversity in Driven

The cultural diversity is definitely one of the visible characteristics of the Driven Properties offices. Being based in Dubai, its relatively normal to see teams that are highly diverse in nationality, but we also make it a point to recruit people from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds.

There is a crucial reason for this: if we want to the company to evolve, we need a constant flow of innovation and improvement, which is at its peak when we have a large range of skills. By having people that specialize in diverse areas, we learn how to apply those specific skills to different projects and departments, which can create better solutions and services. We dont recruit people based on the fact their education and experience is an exact match; instead we consider what their knowledge, background, and personality can bring to the role to make it better than we could imagine. As mentioned in our previous blog, our people are one of the pillars of our company culture, which means that the contribution of every unique team member affects the landscape of the entire company.

Currently, we have team members who hail from 31 nations across six continents who collectively speak around 25 languages as well as multiple dialects. Cultural diversity has aided many of our agents when dealing with global clients and understanding cultural divides. On a daily basis, its evident that every staff member has something new to contribute to all departments from sales consultants with art degrees advising on design work for marketing campaigns to the marketing department involving HR in their brand strategy. These surprising touches that everyone brings to day-to-day operations is what makes our workplace so dynamic. Senior Sales Consultant Vitaly boasts one of the most unique backgrounds. After obtaining his medical degree and practicing medicine in the past, he acquired a second degree in Business Administration. Known for his multi-lingual skills, Vitaly speaks Arabic, Russian, English and French fluently. He is also happens to be one of Driven top agents. The impressive educational backgrounds dont end there:


We take great pride in our melting pot of cultures and specialties, and look forward to how itll continue evolving in the future.