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Sell Your Property in Dubai 

Sell your property in Dubai with the help of Driven Properties. When you exclusively sell with us, you gain access to our world-class services, dedicated marketing team, large network of returning customers, and more.

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Exclusively List Your Property with Driven Properties 

Driven Properties, a founding member of the prestigious Forbes Global Properties, has an excellent standing in the UAE’s real estate sector. We have the highest number of property transactions in the UAE and are known as the best-performing agency in the UAE’s secondary market. 

Our Services 

When you exclusively list your property with Driven Properties, you gain access to a wide variety of perks and privileges that are only available by partnering with us. 

Strictly Qualified Buyers

Get only the highest-quality buyers through Driven’s strict qualifying process.

Top Notch Marketing

Elevate your listing with high-quality professional photography.  

Maximum Exposure

Get maximum visibility and swift buyer engagement on the region’s top property portals. 

Ultra-Streamlined Process

Navigate legal hurdles with our expert conveyance team. 

Expert Guidance

Receive consistent, insightful feedback from our experienced brokers. 

Mortgage Advisory 

Experience smooth transactions with your mortgaged property with our expert advisors. 

Complete Privacy

Resell your property with the utmost privacy for you and potential buyers throughout the entire sales process.

Why Choose Driven Properties?

  • Proven track record of pricing units accurately, never lowering prices, and maintaining our clients` ROI
  • Dedicated marketing team that ensures maximum exposure for your property
  • A large network of returning customers (60%!) who can act as potential buyers
  • Management of tenant relations to minimize disruptions and maintain goodwill during the sales process

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