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6 Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

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6 Moving Day Mistakes To Avoid

Moving is said to be the 3rd most stressful event in your life. Any mistakes or hiccups along the way can make the entire process more nerve-wracking then it needs to be. One of the most important components of a successful move is staying organized.

Here are six common moving day mistakes and how to avoid them:

  1. Not setting up utilities in new house: Make sure to call your utilities, internet, and cable providers a month before you move. Making sure its all set up before the shift will make your post-move to-do list just a little bit shorter.
  2. No labels, no categorization: Many people just want to get through the packing process as fast as possible by putting all their items in random boxes. But when its time to unpack, itll be impossible to locate specific items without opening every single box. Grouping items by use and room and labelling the box, the movers can drop them off in the appropriate rooms and you can decide which to unpack first.
  3. Not taking measurements: Have you made sure that your closet can fit in the elevator? Will the sofa fit through the front door? If you dont take those measurements at the new house prior to the move, it could be a shock on the big day. If the elevator or doorway arent big enough, brainstorm other ways to get the items in (i.e. garage, backdoor).
  4. No first week kit: Its not always possible to unpack all your items in the first couple days in a new house, especially if you have children. Each person should a small suitcase packed with clothes, important belongings, and toiletries that can get them through the week. We at Driven Properties know settling in can be difficult, which is why we send our leasing clients a box of essentials from coffee and snacks to laundry detergent and toiletries to make it a little smoother.
  5. Community and building rules: Its extremely important to call the management of your new building or community to make sure that there wont be any issues on your move day. If you need to use the service elevator in either building, its best to schedule that in advance. Many developments have set times and days when tenants can move in or out, so make sure you are moving within those hours.
  6. Hiring a moving company without research: The movers you hire are going to be handling and moving all your belongings, which may be very expensive or sentimental. In order to decrease the risk of your items getting lost, stolen, or damaged, do your research, read reviews, and ask people for referrals before you settle on one company.

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