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About DIFC

Community overview

Whenever you hear the word business hub the picture that comes to mind is of tall, high-end buildings, wide streets full of professionals with suitcases and Entrepreneur meetings in a top-class restaurant or café. This is typically the vibe that hits you once you cross the Gate, which is the impressive main entrance of the DIFC Dubai area, the leading financial hub for the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. But to give it justice we must say that there is much more to this area than the typical fancy business square described earlier. The area is a mixed-use community providing a high-end residential area full of shopping, leisure and service options besides the business hub that it is.

You enter the Gate to a splendid avenue lined with the best restaurants in the city and of the top names in the world, you will be able to have an exceptional dining experience and try flavors of top kitchens from different parts of the world. The place is packed with pleasant surprises of stunning scenery and fantastic art pieces that would catch your eye wherever you look. The underground space of the Gate is called the Avenue, and it’s a marketplace of luxury brands and high-end global shops, it’s considered the lavish mall of the area. But again, in DIFC there is always more to the thing than you expect, the mall could be considered a great art exhibition with the large number of galleries and ateliers it hosts. DIFC Dubai may be the favorite place for art lovers just as it is for professionals.

The area is a complex of tall buildings and skyscrapers that contain the offices of more than two thousand active registered companies, beside some luxurious residential buildings surrounded by manicured green areas and open spaces.

Preferred by

The neighborhood is best suited for those who prefer living in a vibrant environment taking in the urban city life to the fullest. It can be the perfect haven for professionals who work in the area or nearby, especially that the community offers a number of elegant studios and 1-bedroom apartments the most sought-after type of residences by single people and young couples.

On the other hand, the area is very well served with different kinds of facilities that families consider essential making it suitable for families as well.


DIFC is very well served in terms of transportation, as there are two metro stations only walking distance from the neighborhood, besides the availability of taxis and a number of bus lines.

DIFC location is conveniently close to the city’s attractions and main areas. It’s only a 6-9 minutes’ drive to Downtown Dubai or you can easily use the metro from one of the closest metro stations, Financial Centre metro station and Emirates Towers metro station to Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall Metro station to find yourself in the center of the city with less than 5 minutes


You could never get bored in DIFC, between the shops and galleries you can visit and the stunning streets and squares where you can walk and stroll where you’d probably catch some event or a street band happening you will have a lot to fill your free time. Nonetheless, when you seek some change of scenery, all of Dubai’s attractions are within reach for you. You could decide to visit the Dubai Downtown at any time to enjoy an opera show or Dubai mall and its fountain as it’s just 5 minutes away.

Schools and education institutions

DIFC provides some nurseries and preschools for the youngsters, so families with kids can be rested so they won’t need to go elsewhere getting their children to and from school. The older kids can attend school and high school in one of the nearby areas, 5-10 minutes away.

Some of the closest schools and preschools to the residential area:

  • Hummingbird Preschool DIFC
  • Best Kidz Nursery
  • GEMS Wellington Primary School
  • London Business School Dubai Centre

Health Care

A number of health care centers like clinics and hospitals are available in DIFC, so you don’t have to go far for check-ups or in case of emergency.




Where is DIFC Located in Dubai?

DIFC is located between Downtown Dubai and Dubai World Trade Center.

Is DIFC a Good Place to Stay?

DIFC is a vibrant business hub and a high-end residential area. Its Luxurious residential buildings are surrounded by manicured green areas and open spaces. The community is well serviced with shopping places, transportation, and recreational options.

Should I Buy a DIFC Apartment to Invest or to Live?

DIFC is very close to Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and the Trade Center, besides being itself a main business center. Residents of DIFC can keep near the important destinations, especially professionals who work in the area or nearby, which makes investing in DIFC apartments a good idea considering that you’ll be either living in one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods in Dubai. Alternatively, you easily rent out your property in this amazing community.

Is DIFC Near to Dubai International Airport?

DIFC is only a 15 minutes drive to the Dubai International Airport.

What Makes DIFC Attractive to Live?

DIFC has so many attraction-points that creates a lifestyle to dream of: shops, galleries and street art pieces that turn the streets into art galleries themselves. In DIFC you can also find some of the best restaurants in town, bringing you different flavors from around the world. It also has great health facilities and other services that families consider important.

Are Furnished Rental Properties Available in DIFC Dubai?

Yes, furnished rental properties are available in DIFC.