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About City Walk Dubai

Community Overview

City Walk Dubai United Arab Emirates, is an upscale neighborhood near Downtown Dubai and one of the most welcoming places you will ever visit. It is a world of engineering creativity and sophisticated design that optimally offers contemporary life and invites you to a unique experience of luxury and prosperity. City Walk is an integrated community that gives you the high energy of living to modern standards, allowing you and your family to obtain all the requirements of contemporary life in one place. 

It is a residential neighborhood that reflects the vibrant spirit and diversity that characterizes the city of Dubai. The unique artistic glimpses of stunning street murals can be seen in various places on City Walk streets, restaurants, cafes, and shops. All inspired by contemporary art. 

City Walk features low-rise buildings and tree-lined streets, where an evening stroll can renew your energy and relieve your mind from the day's troubles. The atmosphere in City Walk combines modern city living and a simple urban style that allows people to enjoy a comfortable life where everything they need is around them. 

City Walk buildings have unique modern interiors characterized by wood that comes in two color options, light and dark. On the other hand, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flow abundantly into the interior space, providing beautiful views of the vibrant community. 

Each building has retail space on its ground floor so that residents can find all their necessities within the foot. In addition, many facilities and services are available for residents, providing the utmost comfort and luxury possible. 

Preferred by

City Walk is one of the most suitable residential neighborhoods for families, especially those with children. The activities provided by this well-designed residential neighborhood give the whole family many options to spend quality time together, focusing on giving children their share of entertainment. In addition to child-friendly restaurants, a cinema that displays the latest movies and Coca-Cola Arena hosts concerts and events. Furthermore, the City Walk Mall includes a wide range of retail shops. Every family member will find something to enjoy at City Walk. 


City Walk enjoys a privileged location in the heart of Dubai, just next to the Downtown, keeping you close to the city center so you won't miss a thing. 

City Walk is just minutes from The Dubai Mall and its metro station. Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall Metro station is only walking distance from your City Walk apartment. Besides, it is easily accessible through Al Safa street and is only 5 minutes drive from Sheikh Zayed Road. 


City Walk offers multiple entertainment options that can satisfy everyone of all ages and tastes. Here you can enjoy flavors from different cuisines worldwide through the excellent restaurants around you. However, suppose you prefer international cuisines, like Chinese, French, Spanish or Indian. In that case, you will find various options besides the opportunity to try a new taste that brings you out of your routine. As for shopping, many famous stores of international brands and elegant local boutiques are available in City Walk Mall. 

Schools and Education Institutions

Families living in the area will find many options for education and daycare centers for their children—the possibility of following the schools available in Jumeirah near City Walk with great ease. Some of the closest schools and preschools to the residential area: 

  • GEMS Wellington Primary School

  • Jumeirah International Nursery

  • Al Shorouq Private School

 Health Care

Several health care centers like clinics and hospitals are available in and near City Walk, like Valiant Clinic & Hospital, Smart Salem Medical Fitness Center, Al Badaa Health Center, Al Garhoud Private Hospital Clinic Jumeirah (HMS), and others. 

Buying property

One can find a wide range of elegantly designed apartments on City Walk. These apartments attract the attention of individual buyers or investors at prices commensurate with the quality of the equipment and its significant returns, especially as it is considered a freehold area. 

There are plenty of City Walk Dubai apartments for sale. You can choose from a studio, a two-bedroom apartment, or even more spacious spaces that make it family-friendly.

 All these apartments are luxuriously designed and equipped with modern facilities from fitness and beauty centers, sports clubs, parking spaces, and shops.

 The prices of City Walk Dubai apartments vary according to the number of rooms, spaces and furniture statues. For example, one can find a studio in City Walk for AED 800,000, and a 1-bedroom apartment ranging between AED 772,880 to AED 2,700,000, and a 2-bedroom apartment between AED 1,710,000 to AED 4,549,990.

 Renting property

City Walk is an attractive destination with multiple luxury residential buildings that attract many tourists and buyers. It is an excellent choice for people looking for apartments for rent at fair prices in a vibrant and integrated society.

 Renters can obtain studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom apartments, villas, luxury penthouses, and many more.

 Prices differ depending on many factors like the number of rooms, location, utilities, etc. Still, on average, you can rent a 1-bedroom apartment in City Walk for AED 124,999 to AED 220,000 yearly. The 2-bedroom apartment ranges from AED 165,000 and AED 260,000 annually. Lastly, you can rent a 3-bedroom apartment with a minimum price of AED 270,000 and a maximum price of AED 430,000 yearly.

 Popular Buildings

City Walk is an important and distinctive area within Dubai. It is easily accessible to the Emirate's most essential parts and major centers due to its strategic location at the Safa and Wasal streets intersection.

 It's renowned for the elegance and luxury of residential apartments and buildings. It has 34 buildings, each featuring finely designed apartments.

The most famous buildings are City Walk building 14 and City Walk building 5.


City Walk has many luxury hotels, such as La Ville Hotel & Suites, that offers high-end services to visitors, such as a rooftop pool, fitness centers, and meeting and wedding halls with glamorous views of the Dubai sky.

 Also, you can find Rove, one of the best City Walk Dubai hotels, which offers options of restaurants in City Walk Dubai, luxury facilities, swimming pools, and a variety of integrated services that guarantee a pleasant and memorable stay.

 Getting Around

Those who visit City Walk will feel the magnificence of its buildings and the incredible architectural art in its streets. You will find everything you need in minutes, including lots of recreational, commercial, educational, and health facilities from parks, walking trails, bicycle shops, supermarkets, restaurants, clubs, and cinemas.

 The most popular restaurants include LIMA, Dubai and Chival Global Social, and Graze Gastro Grill. The closest beach to the city walk is Jumeirah Beach. You can also see dancing fountain performances, children's playgrounds, and spacious trails for walking, jogging, or quiet times with family and friends.

 Upcoming Attractions

When you stay in City Walk, you can do many tourist activities such as watching water fountain shows in this area. If you are a football enthusiast, you will find many events within the Dubai Summer Surprises at City Walk.

 City Walk Dubai restaurants, luxury cafes, and other facilities offer many attractive deals and discounts on any holiday.

 Things To Consider

There are some things to watch out for when settling in this famous area. For example, some traffic congestion, especially during the weekend holidays, is due to many entertainment options, whether concerts, restaurants, or bars that many people enjoy.


 Why buy/live in a City Walk apartment in Dubai?

City Walk is a unique neighborhood offering a mixed-use community, from apartments to shopping, hospitality, and entertainment centers. There's always something exciting to do, which makes the community a popular destination.

 How to reach City Walk?

Easy! Let's start the journey from Burj Khalifa. Drive for 9 minutes via Sheikh Zayed Road or walk for 20 minutes, and you're there.

 How good is the real estate investment potential for City Walk Apartments?

The investment potential is high & promising in terms of yields, given the strategic location of the community, its diversity, and attractions.

 Should I buy a 1, 2, 3, or 4-bedroom apartment in City Walk?

The popular choice is 1-bedroom apartments, given the rental demand for them. So if you are a buy-to-let investor, this would be a safe chance in terms of ROI.


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FAQ on City Walk Dubai

Why buy/live in a City Walk apartment in Dubai?

It's a unique community with something to offer for everyone. With its mixed-use offerings from apartments to shopping, hospitality and entertainment centers, there's always something exciting to do, which makes the community a popular destination.

How to reach City Walk?

Easy! Let's start the journey from Burj Khalifa. Drive for 9 minutes via Sheikh Zayed Road or just walk for 20 minutes and you're there.

How good is the real estate investment potential for City Walk Apartments?

The investment potential is high & promising in terms of yields, given the startegic location of the community, its diversity and attractions

Will Dubai’s new Route 2020 drive more demand for City Walk Apartments?

Yes, we expect demand for this community to increase with the launch of the new Route 2020, which is an extention of the Metro Red Line serving the area

Should I buy a 1, 2, 3 or a 4 bedroom apartment in City Walk?

The popular choice is 1 bedroom apartments given the rental demand for them. So if you are a buy-to-let investor, this would be a safe bet in terms of ROI