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Best Broker in Dubai 2021

Last modified on 14th December 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Best Broker in Dubai 2021

The quest to find the UAE’s most prestigious and successful real estate brokerages and agents has ceased – the Property Finder awards ceremony highlighted the winners and celebrated victories in the real estate industry.

The event, attended by over 450 guests, including prominent industry stakeholders and senior government officials, showcased the exceptional work achieved in the UAE real estate market during the past year.

Kianoush Darban from Driven Properties was awarded Best Quality Broker in Dubai, as he showed his commitment to the betterment of the industry through a professional work ethic, high-quality listings and demonstrable success, additionally supported by feedback from customers, colleagues and peers.

This award comes after the best results Kianoush accomplished in his 14 years in the real estate industry. Earlier this year, he made headlines as a broker behind the transaction of the most expensive penthouse in Dubai. He has done exceptionally well in terms of performance activity and sales value. Kianoush continues to showcase incredible level of expertise in the ultra-hight-net-worth market, as well institutional know-how and knowledge to be able to assist the clients in that market.