What Is Ejari? How To Do Ejari Registration Online?

Last modified on 30th March 2023. Dubai Real Estate Blog

What Is Ejari? How To Do Ejari Registration Online?

What is Ejari?

Ejari is the Arabic synonymous with ‘my rent’, but in this context, Ejari is an online tenancy registration system launched by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It serves as an online platform for property owners and tenants to register rental contracts and manage tenancy-related transactions. By registering a rental contract on the system, it provides an official proof of tenancy for the tenant and the property owner, and helps both parties to avoid disputes and legal complications. The system also allows both parties to register for services related to tenancy, such as connections for water, electricity, and gas.

What is an Ejari Certificate?

The Ejari certificate is a document that is required for any tenancy contract in Dubai. It is issued by the Dubai Land Department and is valid for one year.

What is Ejari Registration in Dubai?

Ejari online registration is a must-do step in Dubai when renting a property. Ejari is found to guarantee that all private rental contracts are drafted lawfully and structured as per a government-approved format and officially documents the approved rental price to avoid any possible problems that may occur between both parties, landlords and tenants.

What other purposes require to submit Ejari certificate or Tenancy Contract registration in Dubai? 

Ejari certificate acts as the Ejari tenancy contract attestation in Dubai. You need to submit a copy of your Ejari certificate for any of the below-mentioned purposes:

  • Water and electricity (DEWA) connection
  • Telephone and internet connection
  • Obtaining commercial licenses
  • Residences visas, new applications, and renewals
  • Procurement of an alcohol license
  • Employment of domestic staff

Why Ejari? 

With the registration of tenancy contracts via Ejari, all parties engaged in property lease and management, including licensed companies, companies that own and manage properties, landlords who manage their properties on a personal basis, and legal representatives can be connected and authorized to register and issue contracts.

How does Ejari protect all parties engaged in property lease? 

Through the Ejari system, the rights of all parties involved in the tenancy contract are protected. The Ejari tenancy contract acts as evidence of the validity of your rental agreement and guarantees transparency in the event of a dispute. For instance, as the rental price is recorded, Ejari ensures that landlords cannot indiscriminately increase the rent, at the time of renewal.

Who is responsible for the Ejari registration fee? 

Typically, the process of registering the Ejari tenancy contract and associated fees are taken care of by the landlord or their real estate agent, in some cases the fee lies on the tenant.

Here is everything you need to know about how to register Ejari online in Dubai:

Who can register Ejari online? 

To register Ejari online, an account must be made on the official Ejari website to access the online system. While tenants cannot create an Ejari Dubai account, the following group of people are allowed to create an Ejari account on the official website:

  • The landlords and/or their representatives
  • Property management companies
  • Real estate brokers

How do landlords and real estate agents register for Ejari? 

Landlords and real estate agents need to undergo a mandatory one-day training at RERA. Upon receipt of the training certificate, they need to visit the Dubai Land Department and complete the registration process for an Ejari account. The account will then be activated by RERA and the username and password sent via email within 2 working days. Registration can be done through one of the approved centers. The Ejari registration office will be open from Sunday till Thursday from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm.

How much does the Ejari Online registration cost?

The cost of online Ejari registration is AED 195 (registration cost of AED 160 and AED 35 service fee for typing services).

Can Ejari be done online? 

Yes, through the Ejari portal. To register for Ejari online, you must start by uploading all the scanned copies of the necessary documents. These documents should not exceed three megabytes (MB) in size and can be uploaded in jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf, doc and tiff formats. The online registration fee is more expensive and amounts to AED 585 inclusive of VAT.

What are the EJARI registration documents required in Dubai?

  1. Tenancy contract
  2. Security deposit receipt
  3. Tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  4. Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  5. Tenant’s Emirates ID
  6. Copies of the landlord’s passport (if an individual)
  7. Copy of the title deed of the rented property
  8. DEWA Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills/Green bill accepted)
  9. DEWA bill and previous Ejari if you are renewing
  10. Trade license (in the case of commercial properties)

Where are the Ejari registration centers in Dubai? 

Other than the online registration, tenants and landlords can also visit the designated Ejari typing centres in Dubai along with the relevant documents. Approved Ejari centres are located in:

  • Al Barsha Mall
  • Al Manara Centre
  • Oud Metha
  • Port Saeed
  • Zabeel

Please note: Some Ejari centre locations may have different business hours. It’s always better to confirm the timings prior to your intended visit.

How to renew Ejari registration Online? 

Renewing of the Ejari certificate should be done every year. Pay attention to details: don’t forget to choose the “contract renewal” option when applying for the certificate.

What are the required documents for Ejari online renewal?

In order to get Ejari done, all you have to do is prepare several documents before you head to the centre. These include an original signed tenancy contract, the tenant’s Emirates ID and copies of their passport and visa, a copy of the landlord’s passport (the signature needs to be visible), and a copy of the title deed that is provided by the landlord. The fee that you have to pay is only AED 206 plus VAT. If you are renewing Ejari, you will also require a recent DEWA “green bill” is required.


What is the Ejari contact number?

You can contact the official authorities from the DLD if you have any questions.

  • Contact: +971-800-4488
  • Office timings: Sunday to Thursday 07:30 am – 02:30 pm

When should the Ejari be canceled? 

It is the responsibility of the landlord to cancel the Ejari as soon as the tenant moves out, as there can only be one Ejari registration against a property. If the previous Ejari is not canceled, then the new tenant will not be able to register.

What is the procedure for cancellation? 

The landlord should visit any of the Ejari offices in Dubai and submit the old Ejari contract and the NOC or cancellation letter. The cost for cancellation is AED 30 and is usually completed within an hour of submitting all the necessary documents.

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