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Must-visit Animal Destinations in the UAE

Last modified on 8th November 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Must-visit Animal Destinations in the UAE

Once you visit UAE, you'll be mesmerized by everything it can provide. From futuristic buildings to the desert, the UAE is the most suitable place to experience it all.

Accordingly, if you are an animal fanatic and would love to observe some, the most prominent animal attractions in the UAE are here:

1. Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium

If the ocean mesmerizes you, then Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium is a maze of tunnels and tanks home to 65,000 marine animals with no whale shark in sight. For a bit of extra, kids can learn about the marine life around them from tour guides and divers, the Behind-the-Scenes Tour, and the frenzy of Fish Feeding.

2. Al Tamini Stables

If you want a zoo with a twist that includes a set of different activities, then you should give it a go-to Al Tamini Stables. It is a private farm and education center in the deserts of neighboring Sharjah, is home to a zoo of creatures, not just the equestrian kind, and features a petting zoo as well as a whole host of other activities. There are pony rides, falcon displays, sporting facilities including basketball and badminton courts, football fields, and even a recording studio for budding musicians, arts and crafts. Picnic tables, a café, and showers provide:

  • All the onsite amenities.
  • An action-packed outing need.
  • The chance to get up close with plenty of furry mates.

3. Al-Ain Zoo

Al-Ain Zoo came into existence in 1968; it features an extensive array of local wildlife and giraffes, reptiles, and big cats adding up to 184 different species. Placed at the foothills of the Jebel Hafeet Mountains, the grounds are enormous, and the protection and breeding programs are fantastic. Plus, the zoo is open late for those wishing to safari in the dark. The petting zoo has Shetland ponies, rabbits, and the like for little ones to feed.

4. The Green Planet

Located at one of Dubai's most popular lifestyle districts, City Walk, The Green Planet is Dubai's very own tropical rainforest. With more than 3,000 species of plants, animals, and birds aiming to educate guests about the critical role the tropical forest plays in the future of our planet. Appealing to visitors of all ages, this spot is perfect for a family outing. The bio-dome has made up of four levels:

  • The Canopy.
  • The Midstory.
  • The Forest Floor.
  • The Flooded Rainforest.

The Green Planet is a situated experience amongst many restaurants to enjoy before or after your rainforest adventure.

5. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Back to the sealife side of adventures. Want to explore one of the largest and most stunning aquariums in the world? Don't miss the giant 10 million-liter tank at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which contains more than 33,000 aquatic animals and the most extensive collection of sand tiger sharks anywhere.

Rising to the third floor of The Dubai Mall, the aquarium is home to 140 species of sea life and offers many incredible ways to experience the underwater world. The zoo portion of the facility has a surprising range of animals, including 'King Croc,' weighing a great 750 kgs and measuring over 5 meters long.

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