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Our Work Culture - How We Work? - Driven Properties

Last modified on 12th September 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Our Work Culture - How We Work? - Driven Properties

The Evolution and Development of our Culture

Some of you may be wondering: what is culture exactly? Culture is how we all act, how we feel, and how we interact. A corporate culture is initially set by the founders of a company, and is made to set the standard for those to come later. The culture of company also evolves with the ever-changing mosaic of a workplace.



Recently, we decided to enhance our existing corporate culture by creating a manifesto of Driven Properties mission, vision, and values.

The Pillars of Our Culture

Mission Statement, Vision, and Values

An outstanding culture is built upon the foundation of a well-developed vision and mission statement. A core mission statement shapes the decisions of the employees as well as the actions of involved stakeholders.

Values are the meat and potatoes of a company culture because they offer the mindset, disciplines, and guidelines needed to effectively accomplish the mission statement.

Our People

Many companies around the world are lauded for their amazing company culture, and because most of them have unique working spacesi.e. slides, cereal bars, bean bags, game roomspeople assume thats the core of it all.

But thats completely untrue. People and values make a culture.

It is very important that every employee knows their value and what they bring to the agency. Ultimate commitment is achieved when our people understand that they play a crucial role in creating the kind of company they want to work forthat the company is actually their most important product.

Our people, the Driven Family, are what keep this company going, day in and day out. And if they didnt take every single one of our values into consideration in their daily activities, our culture would not have been successfully implemented.


Values are obviously ineffective unless they are implemented in the practices of a company. Our values are visible through our material, promotional policy, and deeply embedded into day-to-day operations.

We have also taken steps to focus on our employees and their progress. The management has developed both performance and non-performance based rewards and benefits including monthly and quarterly prizes and team outings.

To encourage employee loyalty, we not only focus on their performance, but development and career growth as well. The management often organizes informational meetings and workshops for different departments participate in. All employees also participate in 360 reviews to increase feedback and transparency.

Employees with long tenures at the company are offered attractive vacation options and flexible working hours, especially parents.

The Benefits of Our Culture


Culture is a recruiting tool. There are many companies that offer the same services that do what we do, but we have something extra to stand out. Ultimately, by having a strong culture we will only attract the right type of candidates that will fit into our environment.


Studies have shown the more an employer invests in employees happiness, the better work theyll do. Happy employees are productive employees. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work. This is why culture matters it sustains employee enthusiasm.


As a real estate agency, we want to be known for our excellent services and solutions, however we aim for our corporate brand to transcend the tangible product. The stronger our culture is, the bigger the role itll play in all aspects of our marketing and brand recognition. Because of the work environment we have created, Driven employees are also considered our unofficial spokespeople who represent the company even outside of work.

Ultimately, we strive to be more than another real estate agency--we go above and beyond for both our employees and clients.