Best Cinemas (Movie Theaters) In Dubai

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By Ward Mohammad

Best Cinemas (Movie Theaters) In Dubai

A comfortable seat is not your only convenient service at these best cinemas in Dubai. We're not just assuming giant screens and lounging seats, but cinemas where you can ask for a butler at the press of a button, and they'll get you precisely what you want. A world of luxury awaits, from butlers to blankets and food to sofas – including sushi, yes! So, here are the best cinemas in Dubai you need to look out for.

List of Best Movie Theatres in Dubai

  1. CinemaCity
  2. Horror Movie Room
  3. Jebel Ali Recreation Club
  4. Paramount Hotel Dubai
  5. Raffles The Palm Dubai
  6. Reel Cinemas Platinum Suites
  7. VOX Cinema Theatre by Akira Back
  8. VOX Cinemas Gold Package


At Azul Cinema inside CinemaCity Fountain Views, guests can have an A-list experience while watching the latest movies for just AED 100 per person. So say goodbye to waiting in concession lines and enjoy first-class comfort, think top-quality food and drink with waiter service. Offering 28 ultra-plush luxury recliners and an entirely stored bar. The movie theatre provides a dedicated bartender to take F&B orders anytime during the film. In addition, the Azul Lounge offers a full kitchen and bar. It serves up eclectic Japanese fusion tapas dishes, including Wagyu beef tartare, yuzu-truffle sea bass carpaccio, and yellowtail in jalapeño-infused ponzu, alongside grapes and hops. The beverage offering is enhanced by craft cocktail creations from a professional international mixologist.

Horror Movie Room

Horror Movie Room not only screens classic and modern horror films but also brings them to gory life with actors. So keep calm – actors will walk the room and interact with viewers during the film. And, as the cinema only houses 8 people, you're in for tricks and treats. Horror Movie Room has launched with a terrifying set list of films. Tickets are available for IT, the supernatural horror film that follows the evil clown, and Rings, which tells a must-watch story.

Jebel Ali Recreation Club

The Jebel Ali Recreation Club is unique because it opened in the 1970s and is one of the oldest social clubs of its kind in the UAE. Today, it is home to the ultimate TV dinner: a Reel Cinema serving food from Guy Fieri's American Kitchen. First, take your pick from Hollywood movies to Arabic films, shown across four screens. Then, settle into one of the plush red seats behind long wooden tables and eat your restaurant-prepared meal in style. Oh, and it also has a fully licensed bar.

Paramount Hotel Dubai

When you get to Paramount Hotel Dubai, it feels like you're in a movie scene, so it is no wonder it has one of the best cinemas in Dubai. We are talking two-seater navy velvet sofas and stand-alone yellow armchairs, both of which are ideal for getting comfortable and come with sturdy exteriors for your food and drinks. Best of all, the seats are spacious, as it only seats 60 people, so you can make yourself at home. Then, dig into Joe & Steph's sliders, lobster rolls, truffle arancini, or, if you want to keep it lowkey, freshly popped popcorn.

Raffles The Palm Dubai

Raffles Palm Dubai's private cinema is one of the A-listers of best cinemas in Dubai. Relax in the leather lounging seats with awesome mini tables for your food and drinks. If you get chilly – ask for a blanket. The cinema formerly screened crowd-pleasers ranging from Mamma Mia! to When Harry Met Sally. The snacks include popcorn, nachos, and grapes. Plus, since there are just 80 seats, the cinema adventure seems like an intimate night out.

Reel Cinemas Platinum Suites

When visiting Reel Cinemas Platinum Suites, it'll feel like you're in a first-class cabin. The cinema adventure starts with a pre-movie lounge where you can get food and drinks, then continues inside with lounging leather seats with 3 settings. On top of that, at the press of a button, you can call your own individual butler. If you want to get comfy, ask for a pillow and blanket. Warning: once you've experienced the Platinum Suites, regular cinemas in Dubai may no longer match it.

Looking for a Rent?

VOX Cinema Theatre by Akira Back

When we head to the cinema at night, we're often left wondering if we should have dinner before or after the movie. VOX Cinemas has got us all covered, solving the age-old difficulty with movie-worthy food. So skip the popcorn and enjoy the acclaimed chef's menu, which contains Japanese-inspired choices from spicy shrimp tempura rolls to smoked salmon rolls. Plus, cinema munchies are given an upgrade, Akira-style, as you can try sliders, hot dogs, and great mocktails. The menu is available at limited VOX Cinemas, including Nakheel Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and City Center Mirdif.

VOX Cinemas Gold Package

The VOX Cinemas gold package is about superb food. You can enjoy a two-course feast for AED 75, including two dishes from the menu, a cold drink, and a hot drink. The mains contain restaurant-quality food, such as corn fed chicken breast, grilled salmon, and roasted cod – served directly to your place. In addition, the cinema screens Hollywood, Bollywood, and Arabic films. Plus, the gold experience is available in City Centre Deira, BurJurman, and Wafi City.

Those are Dubai cinemas that you'll definitely want a rerun. If you're paying a visit to the city, keep an eye out for the Driven Properties blog.

Other Best Private Cinemas in Dubai

  • Six-Bed Bromellia Villa, Al Barari
  • Six-Bed Desert Leaf Villa, Al Barari
  • Six-Bed Villa in Sector P, Emirates Hills
  • Eleven-Bed Villa on Palm Jumeirah

Where are the best movie theatres in Dubai?

These places are best for movie theatres in Dubai:

  • Reel Cinemas
  • Vox Cinemas - Mall of the Emirates
  • THEATRE by VOX Cinemas - Mall of the Emirates
  • Vox Cinemas
  • Roxy Cinemas - The Beach

What are the best movie theatres in Dubai for children and families?

These are the best places for kid-friendly movie theatres in Dubai:

  • Reel Cinemas
  • Vox Cinemas - Mall of the Emirates
  • Vox Cinemas
  • Vox Cinemas
  • Reel Cinemas Dubai Marina Mall

What are the best movie theatres in Dubai for couples?

These are the best places for couples seeking movie theatres in Dubai:

  • Reel Cinemas
  • Vox Cinemas - Mall of the Emirates
  • THEATRE by VOX Cinemas - Mall of the Emirates
  • Vox Cinemas
  • The Roxy Cinemas - Box Park

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