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The Right Time to Invest: Now

Last modified on 30th August 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog

The Right Time to Invest: Now

Dubai real estate market is substantially healthier than it was before the crash in 2008, and the factors that led to the crisis are not currently evident in the market. Now investors can seek new investment opportunities without the worries of the past. This improvement is especially great for first time buyers as the property prices are anticipated to rise 10 to 15 per cent annually till 2020, they can anticipate a 50 per cent upsurge on their property value.


It is also notable that property prices are quite reasonable, considering Dubai is a global metropolis similar to New York and London, and continues to grow in popularity.

Why Invest?

  1. Sensible Prices: Prices in completed areas, such as Downtown, are around AED 2,500 per sq. ft.
  2. Regulated Market: Learning from the previous mistakes, the UAE government has introduced strict regulations for developers prior to their launching new projects to confirm a competitive, insulated, and structured environment for all investors.
  3. Conservative Financing Schemes: Banks and the government have both created new regulations that make overexposure to debt impossible.
  4. Liquid Market: Two interesting aspects of the Dubai market are low interest rates and liquid mega-investments. It is been revealed that on average 30 per cent of an investors holdings were in cash (or cash-like assets). This liquidity allows major investors to search for prospects at the right price.

Why Driven Properties?

Looking at the current state of Dubai real estate market and how it will evolve over the years, now definitely is the time to invest in Dubai. When investing in property, choosing the best developer, location, and property type might be a complicated and lengthy process. That is where Driven Properties comes in. Driven Properties specializes in marketing extraordinary homes and matching sophisticated buyers with properties in Dubai is most exclusive neighbourhoods. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting property, our team of real estate experts and area specialists offer attentive guidance and assist you in achieving the deal that is right for you. When looking for a full-service company that can take care of all your real estate purchasing, renting, investing, and even management needs, look no further than Driven Properties.