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Why Exclusive Listings Sell At Driven Properties?

Last modified on 24th August 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Why Exclusive Listings Sell At Driven Properties?

What is Exclusivity?

An exclusive listing gives an agent the exclusive rights to list, advertise, and market a property, which also guarantees that only that agent can close a deal on it. Other agents have to go through the agent with exclusivity in order to book viewings or arrange deals.

Why List Exclusively?

One Point of Contact In an exclusivity agreement, theres only one agent who liaises with the owner, tenant, and potential buyers, which streamlines the process and minimizes confusion. The seller benefits the most with a single point of contact bringing the offers from the market and avoids receiving numerous calls from various agents with various information to sift through and remember. If the property is tenanted, then using one agent can make it easier to gain the occupants co-operation. Multiple agents book viewings all throughout the day, which can exasperate the tenant. Losing the cooperation of the tenant can make it almost impossible to sell the property. Exposure Some sellers opt for using open listings to put their property on the market, however they are unaware that open listings often slowly fall to the bottom of the pile. Agents with exclusive listing rights make sure the property gets the most amount of exposure and maintains top spots as featured listing on portals which is required to sell a property quickly. Utilizing tailored marketing and advertising campaigns, Driven Properties ensures that exclusive listings are made a high priority and that they gain the exposure they deserve. Faster Sale, Better Deal An exclusivity agreement gives an agent the obligation to sell the property as fast possible, however this does not mean that they dont also seek out the best deal possible. The owner can clearly explain their expectations to just one agent who will make it a priority to meet them and enforce them when working with other agents to source the right buyers.

Why List Exclusively with Driven Properties?

  • Exclusive database of over 30,000 elite clients and international investors
  • RERA Certified Area Specialists who can consult the seller on the specifics of the area, prices of the surrounding properties, and the propertys market value
  • Local and international presence
  • Tailored marketing campaigns such as extensive SMS campaigns, email campaigns, and direct mailers
  • Guarantee faster sale of the property