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About Al Jafiliya

Al Jafiliya is a residential community in Dubai and one of the city’s central districts. The community is close to many popular attractions and prominent locations, including the Dubai World Trade Centre and Zabeel Park. It is only a short drive away from major areas such as DIFC, Downtown Dubai, and Business Bay.

Furthermore, Al Jafiliya is near family-friendly attractions such as beaches, parks, and malls. 

Key Features

  • One of Dubai’s central districts
  • Close proximity to tourist destinations like Dubai Frame, Museum of the Future, and more
  • Located next to Sheikh Zayed Road (E11)
  • Easy access to parks, malls, and beaches
  • Positioned near the metro and bus stations

Who Would Enjoy the Area?

  • Families: Families can enjoy the area’s family-friendly attractions like parks, beaches, and malls. There are also numerous schools and nurseries close to the area. 

  • Young Professionals: Al Jafiliya’s central location has easy access to many of Dubai’s business districts, including DIFC, Downtown Dubai, and Business Bay. It is also well-connected by public transportation through Max, ADCB, and World Trade Centre metro stations. 

  • Tourists: Its proximity to popular tourist destinations such as the Museum of the Future, Dubai Frame, Dubai World Trade Centre, and several beaches make it an ideal location for tourists. 

Detailed Features


Parks in Al Jafiliya

  • Zabeel Park: One of Dubai’s largest parks – equivalent to 45 football fields – it offers live music, barbecue and picnic areas, food kiosks, boat rides, and more.  

  • Dubai Creek Park: Located right on the edge of Dubai Creek, it is the second largest park in the city.

Malls in Al Jafiliya

  • Burjuman: One of the oldest malls in Dubai, Burjuman caters to fashion lovers in the city. Visitors can also get essentials at Carrefour, eat at the food court, or take a coffee at one of the many cafés. 

  • Al Ghazal Mall: A charming indoor shopping experience in Al Satwa featuring numerous boutiques, eateries, and a Carrefour. 

  • Dubai Mall: The world’s largest shopping, entertainment, and leisure destination right next to the Burj Khalifa. 

  • Wafi City: One of largest shopping centres in Dubai since 1990, Wafi City is an Egyptian-themed destination. 

Beaches in Al Jafiliya 

Al Jafiliya is only a short drive from Jumeirah and therefore close to beaches such as La Mer Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, and Mercato Beach.

Things to do in Al Jafiliya

  • Dubai World Trade Centre: Visit the Dubai World Trade Centre and its many events, exhibitions, and conventions. 

  • Museum of the Future: One of the most famous landmarks and tourist destinations in Dubai, the Museum of the Future explores society’s evolution in the coming decades. 

  • Dubai Frame: Located in Zabeel Park, it is one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai as it provides panoramic views of the city. 

Accessibility & Transport

Bus Stations

  • Hudheiba, Turnoff 1: 900 m away
  • Max Metro: 1.8 km away
  • Al Jafiliya Bus Station: 3.1 km away

Metro Stations

  • Max Metro Station: 1.9 km away 

  • ADCB Metro Station: 2.2 km away 

  • World Trade Centre Metro Station: 2.4 km away 

Education Nearby


  • New Dubai Nursery Early Learning Center: 850 m away
  • Orange Tree Nursery: 1.0 km away
  • British Orchard Nursery: 1.1 km away
  • Little Nest Nursery: 1.1 km away
  • Small World Nursery: 1.3 km away

Primary & High Schools

  • Ambassador School: 2.3 km away
  • New Academy School: 2.4 km away
  • The Apple International Community School: 2.6 km away
  • Citizens School: 4.5 km away


  • Canadian University Dubai: 4.7 km away
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences: 5.7 km away
  • Jumeira University: 13.5 km away
  • Abu Dhabi University - Dubai Campus: 20.6 km away
  • University of Dubai: 31.8 km away

Healthcare Facilities

  • UniCare Medical Centre: 800 m away
  • Harley International Medical Clinic: 1.6 km away
  • International Modern Hospital: 1.7 km away
  • Aster Hospital Mankhool: 2.3 km away

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FAQ on Al Jafiliya

Is Al Jafiliya a good place to live for families?

Yes, Al Jafiliya is a family-friendly area with several parks, beaches, and malls nearby. There are also numerous schools and nurseries in the vicinity.

What are some popular attractions in Al Jafiliya?

Zabeel Park, Dubai Creek Park, Burjuman Mall, and the Dubai World Trade Centre are some popular attractions in Al Jafiliya.

Is Al Jafiliya a lively or quiet area?

While it doesn`t have a bustling nightlife scene, Al Jafiliya offers a vibrant atmosphere with many restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Does Al Jafiliya have good public transportation options?

Yes, Al Jafiliya is well-connected by metro and bus stations, making it easy to get around Dubai.

Are there schools and nurseries in Al Jafiliya?

Yes, there are several nurseries and schools in the area, catering to various age groups and educational needs.