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About International City Dubai

International City Area Summary

International City is a mixed-use commercial, residential, and retail development in Al Warsan launched by Nakheel in 2002. The community is known for its signature low-rise country-themed clusters and its multicultural community lifestyle.

The area is also home to Dragon Mart 1 and 2. With over 4,000 stores combined, they are the largest trading hubs for Chinese goods in Dubai. 

Key Features of International City

  • Home of Dragon Mart, a 1.2 km long retail complex
  • One of the most affordable housing areas in Dubai
  • Access to a range of reputed educational institutes
  • Neighbours with Silicon Oasis and Academic City
  • Multicultural community lifestyle
  • Plenty of studios and 1-bedroom apartments

Who Would Enjoy The International City Area?

  • Budget-conscious professionals and families: The community offers some of the most affordable housing options in Dubai, making it ideal for young professionals or families looking for a cost-effective place to live. 

  • Multicultural families and individuals: International City fosters a vibrant and diverse atmosphere with its low-rise country-themed clusters representing 10 different countries. People looking for a multicultural experience or with ties to any of the countries represented may find the community appealing. 

  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners: Entrepreneurs and small business owners can take advantage of the largest trading hub for Chinese goods in Dubai, Dragon Mart 1 and 2. 

  • Students and young families: The affordability of studios and 1-bedroom apartments and close proximity to educational institutions make International City suitable for students or young couples. 

International City Detailed Features

  • Dragon Mart 1 and 2: Two massive shopping malls in International City acting as the largest trading hubs for Chinese goods in Dubai. 

  • International Clusters: International City is known for its 10 signature low-rise country-themed clusters with over 500 apartments separated into 10 countries – Persia, Greece, Morocco, Spain, England, Italy, France, Russia, China, and Emirates.

  • Free parking: Notably, International City has free parking in most parts of the community. 

  • Restaurants: The community is also known for having hidden-gem restaurants for all foodies to find and enjoy. 

Accessibility & Transport in International City

There are no metro stations directly connected to International City; instead, buses travel from popular metro stations from within Dubai to the community. These buses include.

  • X23: From Al Ghubaiba Bus Station
  • 24: From Al Nahda 2
  • 53: From Gold Souq Bus Station
  • 55: From Al Satwa Bus Station
  • 310: From Al Rashidiya Bus Station

Education Nearby International City

Nurseries in International City

  • Kids World Nursery Dubai: 0.3 km away
  • Future International Nursery: 3.9 km away
  • Emirates British Nursery, Dubai Silicon Oasis: 4.4 km away
  • Kensington Nursery Silicon Oasis: 4.4 km away

Primary Schools and Nurseries in International City

  • Sharjah American International Private School Dubai: 2.2 km away
  • International School of Arts and Sciences: 2.5 km away
  • Repton School Dubai: 3.6 km away
  • GEMS Our Own English School: 3.4 km away
  • GEMS Modern Academy: 3.6 km away

Universities in International City

  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education: 5.5 km away
  • University of Birmingham Dubai: 5.8 km away
  • De Montfort University Dubai: 6.4 km away
  • Amity University Dubai Campus: 6.6 km away
  • Al Ghurair University: 8.5 km away

Healthcare Facilities in International City

  • Aster Speciality Clinic: 1.0 km away
  • Benessere Poly Clinic: 550 m away
  • Medlite Medical Center: 800 m away
  • HealthHub Clinic and Pharmacy: 2.6 km away

Properties in International City

  • Central Business District
  • China Cluster
  • Emarati Cluster
  • England Cluster
  • France Cluster
  • Greece Cluster
  • Green Wood
  • International City Phase 2
  • International City Phase 3
  • Italy Cluster
  • Lake District
  • Morocco Cluster
  • Persia Cluster
  • Riveria Residence
  • Russia Cluster
  • Spain Cluster
  • Warsan Village

Future Plans for the Area



FAQ on International City Dubai

Who Is The Prime Developer In International City?

The renowned International City, created by Nakheel in 2002, is distinguished for its distinct low-rise country-style groupings.

Which Metro Station Is Near International City?

Using public transportation in Dubai is convenient, and the two nearest stations to International City are Centrepoint Metro Station and Etisalat Metro Station. Travelers should take the Dubai Metro to Centrepoint Metro Station and switch to Bus 365 to reach International City.

Do I Get The Public Transportation Facility In International City?

Public transportation to International City is not part of the metro system, however, four bus routes provide access to nearby metro stations such as Centrepoint Metro Station, Etisalat Metro Station, and Al Nahda Metro Station.

I Am Looking For Off-Plan Properties In International City. How To Access It?

The best way to access off-plan properties in International City is to contact a local real estate agent or broker specializing in off-plan properties. They will be able to help you find the best deals and can provide advice on the best way to go about purchasing a property. You can also search online for off-plan properties in International City, as many websites offer listings of off-plan properties in the area.

Is International City A Good Investment?

Generally speaking, Dubai International City has been a good investment for many people over the years, as it is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers. The area has benefited from a steadily growing economy, and real estate values have increased significantly.

How Can I Get It To International City?

The two nearest metro stations are Centrepoint and Etisalat. The X23 bus's first stop is Gold Souq Bus Station - 11, and the final stop is International City, France 1 - 01.

What Makes International City Attractive To Live?

International City in Dubai provides an unparalleled lifestyle. It is a haven of tranquility and cultural variety, offering a range of investment and residential options. Residents enjoy the benefits of affordable living and access to a wide range of amenities.

Can Foreigners Buy Property In International City?

Yes, non-residents can purchase real estate in locations designated for foreign ownership in Dubai.

Is International City A Good Place To Live?

The cost is usually a major factor when looking for a place to rent in Dubai. International City is a great choice, offering more than 5,000 apartments at budget-friendly prices. The lowest rental rate for units in the area is AED 18k per annum.

What is International City?

International City is a multicultural, mixed-use community in Dubai featuring residential apartments, shops, and businesses. It's known for its affordable housing, Dragon Mart shopping malls, and country-themed clusters.

Is International City a good place to live?

It depends on your needs and preferences. If you're looking for affordable housing, a multicultural atmosphere, and proximity to Dragon Mart, International City can be a good option. However, it's not directly connected to the metro and can feel less central compared to other Dubai neighbourhoods.

Is International City expensive to live in?

No, International City is one of the most affordable housing areas in Dubai. You can find studios and 1-bedroom apartments for significantly less than other parts of the city.

Is there free parking in International City?

Yes, most areas in International City offer free parking, making it a convenient option for car owners

Does International City have a metro station?

No, there's no metro station directly connected to International City. However, frequent bus services connect the community to several metro stations within Dubai.

Is it easy to get around without a car?

While buses provide public transport options, relying solely on public transportation can be time-consuming. Having a car or using taxi services would offer more flexibility.

What is the community atmosphere like?

International City fosters a multicultural and vibrant atmosphere with residents from diverse backgrounds. The country-themed clusters add a unique touch to the community.