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About Palm Jebel Ali

In October 2002, Dubai initiated the development of a man-made island or an archipelago within the United Arab Emirates. It was anticipated to be completely operational and ready for tourism by the middle of 2008. However, progress has since been halted. This artificial island of Dubai is called Palm Jebel Ali. Creative Kingdom was responsible for the master planning of this archipelago and the establishment of entertainment centers which was handled by Leisure Quest International, a US-based company. This company was also responsible for putting up tourist attractions to generate foreign income.

Palm Jebel Ali was set to be bigger than the previous project, the Palm Jumeirah, by at least 50%. It was planned to have six marinas, homes, and even boardwalks. Additionally, a whole sea village, including a water theme park, was proposed to be included. Infrastructure and construction commenced in April 2007 after the water break was finished in December 2006. However, due to the financial crisis of 2008, progress and further work in this area was suspended.

Subsequently, Nakheel declared that no further construction should be done in the area. As a result, a few contractors were approached to construct residential and commercial buildings. Future constructions in Palm Jebel Ali are expected to house numerous residential units, extravagant hotels, and expansive offices. Villas are also part of this immense project hosted in Palm Jebel Ali.

Palm Jebel Ali Location

Palm Jebel Ali is just 50 km away from the heart of Downtown Dubai, and a short 44-minute drive from Dubai International Airport. Al Mamzar Beach is situated 67.7 km from the Palm, and a car journey of 49 minutes will take you there. The drive from Dubai to Palm Jebel Ali is a mere 50 km and will take just 38 minutes.

Palm Jebel Ali is Ideal for

Living in Palm Jebel Ali offers a unique advantage to its inhabitants as there are plenty of popular places to visit nearby. From the world-famous Burj Al Arab to the iconic Palm Jumeirah, there are plenty of attractions to explore. Additionally, the climate in this part of the United Arab Emirates is perfect for beachgoers. There are also many local stores and restaurants where one can shop and try out different cuisines.

Palm Jebel Ali is set to offer spacious and luxurious villas for residential purposes. Once the island is completed, it will provide investors with a range of investment opportunities, as well as a selection of accommodation choices. Nakheel is currently planning to construct a range of waterfront villas in a selection of sizes and styles. Currently, potential buyers can look forward to 6-bedroom duplex houses with a total area of 13,000 sq. ft.

Transportation in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali is designed to foster a greener and cleaner environment. Therefore, there will be plenty of cycling and walking tracks within the community. Furthermore, bridges and a well-connected network of roads will help those with private vehicles to have a smooth and hassle-free commute. The island will be linked to the mainland via bridges when the project is completed.

The city will be equipped with a well-developed road network to facilitate transport. Apart from vehicle travel, pedestrians will also be able to access the island via footpaths and sidewalks. Private transport and taxi services will be the most popular means of moving around Palm Jebel Ali, and there will be private parking available. To make traveling even more convenient, two bus services have been proposed that would operate between Jebel Ali and Global Village.

Entertainment in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali is still in the process of development and as such, no malls have been built in the city yet. However, it is predicted that it will be home to some of the best malls in the United Arab Emirates when completed. To fulfill their requirements, the residents can visit the malls nearby, such as Shoppers Mall, Grand Jebel Ali Mall, and Crown Mall.

In addition to the malls, this city is expected to have many restaurants, local eateries, cafes, and bars. At present, the residents of Palm Jebel Ali can easily access eateries near the city. Some of these are White Orchid Restaurant and Lounge, Soul Beach Dubai, and Settle.

Though Palm Jebel Ali is a man-made island, the beaches in its vicinity are yet to be developed. People can visit the beaches in the nearby areas, such as Kite Beach, The Beach Dubai, and Al Mamzar Beach.

Schools and Educational Institutions in Palm Jebel Ali

GEMS World Academy is set to open a new branch in the center of Palm Jebel Ali, situated within easy walking distance from nearby residences. This will provide a convenient and secure way for children to access their school.

Healthcare in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali International Hospital and Emirates Hospital Group are the premier multi-specialty medical centers in the region. Both provide excellent healthcare services and facilities.

Buying Properties in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali offers a wide selection of properties for sale, from villas to apartments. The most popular type of residence is the waterfront villa. Signature villas and garden villas, with their own backyards and private parking spaces, are also available. For those seeking something larger, duplex apartments spanning 13,000 square feet are a great option. One to three-bedroom apartments are also available for those with more modest budgets. No matter the size or budget, Palm Jebel Ali has something to offer everyone.

Renting Properties in Palm Jebel Ali

At present, Palm Jebel Ali is still in the process of development. There are no rental properties available yet, but with over 2,50,000 people anticipated to move into the area in the near future, the availability of rental units is expected to increase. One to three-bedroom apartments will be offered at a reasonable cost, as well as luxurious villas at a very reasonable price.

Popular Buildings in Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali properties are a remarkable option for ocean living. This development encompasses half a million square feet of space, featuring 17 palms that will have marinas, a themed amusement, and aquatic park called Sea Village, and residences in its crescent. The trunk of the Palm includes communication channels, canals, and homes. Those interested in buying a property in the area can choose between villas and apartments. What makes these properties so special is being located in a dynamic cosmopolitan area that promotes an outdoor lifestyle.

Hotels in Palm Jebel Ali

When relocating to Palm Jebel Ali, travelers have a variety of options for hotels nearby. From budget-friendly to luxurious, there is a range of services and amenities offered for any kind of traveler. Finding the perfect hotel to fit your needs should be easy and with Dubai being so close, the commute between the two places is a breeze. Here are some top nearby hotels to consider: Rove at the Park, JA Beach Hotel, and JA Palm Tree Court.

Getting Around Palm Jebel Ali

This island will boast a huge waterpark, the aptly named Sea Village. This is sure to be a major draw for visitors as the park offers a host of recreational activities for all ages. Though details of the park are yet to be revealed, it will likely be similar to the Aquaventure in Palm Jumeirah.

In addition, the area will be ideal for outdoor activities, with walking, biking, and running trails situated across the shore. There will also be playgrounds for the children and barbecue areas for evening entertainment. So, Palm Jebel Ali is sure to be a great destination for enjoying the best of beach life and an active lifestyle.

Upcoming Attractions in Palm Jebel Ali

Nakheel's Palm Jebel Ali has been in the works since 2002. Despite taking a hit in 2008, the project is now back in progress. When completed, it will have a water theme park, 6 marina berths on 17 palms, boardwalks, and a variety of housing properties for investors. This includes duplex apartments, villas, and other housing options.

Things to Consider in Palm Jebel Ali

Construction of Palm Jebel Ali has already started. Despite the fact that the residential area is still under development, the master plan and other Palm Island projects suggest that the completion of this area will result in a successful project, providing a wide range of luxurious properties for sale and rent. On the other hand, the area is limited in terms of the number of apartments and access to public transport services like buses and trains.