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Driven Properties is the first real estate company to accept Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency for real estate transactions in Dubai. For international buyers, digital money is an easy and secure way to make large payment transactions. Driven’s advisory team can guide you and provide the right channel for managing your cryptocurrency transactions.


  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Anonymous
  • Easy to setup
  • Low transaction fees

Cryptocurrency Market Cap

  • Bitcoin Market Cap – $600 Billion USD
  • Ethereum Market Cap - $ 205 Billion USD
  • XRP Market Cap - $23 Billion USD

*Latest update 21st March 2021

What is Bitcoin? How can I use Cryptocurrency to purchase a property?

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency in the world. A cryptocurrency is a digital form of money created through software programs. Cryptocurrency is an encrypted string of data or a hash, encoded to signify one unit of currency. The cryptocurrency economy is monitored by a peer-to-peer internet protocol which checks and verifies each minting of a new ‘coin’ or any transaction involving the exchange of ‘coins’ through an independently verified ledger known as the blockchain.

A Bitcoin trader can receive the Bitcoin in their wallet through a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The trader is then able to convert the cryptocurrency to any Fiat currency of their choice through the exchange. Property developers or individual sellers of their properties can receive the funds exchanged from the cryptocurrency in the Fiat currency of their choice.

How does Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency work?

Bitcoin and other leading Cryptocurrencies work under similar principles. It begins with a decentralized global peer-to-peer network which works to independently monitor and verifies the creation and exchange of ‘coins’.

Mining Cryptocurrency

A miner creates Bitcoin or other cryprocurreny by using computer programs to solve complex mathematical formulas which increase in difficulty as more coins are mined. There are typically only a fixed number of coins that can be mined, and the increased difficulty in mining requires more powerful computers which means more high performance parts, increased cost of utilities, and more investment. The same process used to mine coins is also used to verify other coins and transactions happening on the network.

Bitcoin Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges trade conventional Fiat currencies for Bitcoin or vice versa. This offers liquidity to enter or exit the marketplace for participants and investors of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Individuals create wallets that allow them to send or receive Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. These can be both virtual or digital wallets, or hardware wallets with a physical storage. These wallets contain complex keys or passwords used to safeguard and encrypt wallets.

Cryptocurrency Network

Cryptography is the process of securing and encrypting all transactions. This ensures all transactions are verified and permanently stored in the virtual ledger known as the blockchain.

Purchase a Property in Dubai using Bitcoin or other leading Cryprocurrencies

There are many different ways to purchase property in Dubai with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Many sellers or developers will not accept receiving Bitcoin or cryptocurrency directly due to its inherent volatility. This is why we are partnered with the leading trusted and licensed Bitcoin or cryptocurrency traders who exchange Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). The entire process is safe, secure, and transparent, taking only minutes to complete transactions.

Our experienced property consultants are fluent in more than 40 languages including:

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French Hindi
Urdu Malayalam
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Persian/Farsi Ukranian
Armenian Swahili
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