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Last modified on 14th June 2022. Dubai Real Estate Blog


City Walk is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Dubai and a distinctive entertainment destination that offers a variety of recreational facilities and a whole world of unique experiences for a sophisticated contemporary lifestyle.

One of the most distinguished activities that can fill your time when you visit City Walk, this lively neighborhood, is visiting the various restaurants and cafes that offer food from different international cuisines to satisfy all tastes and fulfill your curiosity to discover something new every day.

The options in City Walk Dubai range from luxurious restaurants for special evenings, cozy ones for simple meetings and friends’ gatherings, to vegetarian restaurants with a colorful menu of fresh dishes catering to vegetarian crowds and healthy meal lovers.

But now, with all this variety of options, each with a special atmosphere and interesting offerings, how would you choose what to start with? To help you with this, we have prepared this article listing ten restaurants that we recommend you start with to try the entertainment model of City Walk.

1. Serendipity 3, City Walk

You’re going to love this amazing restaurant that takes eating to satisfaction very seriously. This American style restaurant gives you the opportunity to dive in an authentic NYC experience and have a taste of their original American dinner and many signature dishes. 

2. Walnut grove

It is a chance to try something new coming fresh from the heart of South Africa to City Walk Dubai. It’s rustic decoration and warm atmosphere puts you in the right mood for a tasty meal.

3. Mitts & Trays

This cafe and restaurant in City Walk Dubai is the place to go when you want to unwind in an open-air place overlooking the magnificent urban features and alleys of City Walk neighborhood or to have some time of relaxation enjoying the comfy armchairs in the homey living room-like interiors of the restaurant.

4. Urth Caffe

For delicious food and a morning, afternoon or evening full of entertainment, Urth caffe is the right place to go. It’s one of the favorite cafes in City Walk Dubai with an expansive menu and lots of flavors to try. You'll find yourself eager to visit this restaurant again and again to try them all.

5. Fraizi Cafe

Whenever you’re in the mood for an Indian feast, it’s highly recommended to visit this outstanding restaurant in City Walk that presents the traditional Indian flavors with a twist of the classic cuisine.

6. Melenzane

An outstanding Italian restaurant with a menu that reflects the unique flavors of the distinguished Italian cuisine, with a signature touch that makes each dish an innovation that mixes traditional flavors with novelty. An experience that will make you feel like if you are having your dinner in the middle of one of the Italian cities.

7. Babaji

A magnificent view of the Dubai Downtown, authentic Turkish dishes and a collection of delicious pies and pastries made in a traditional brick wood oven for a unique distinguished flavor, all this is a promise of an unforgettable time you will have when you visit this restaurant in City Walk Dubai.

8. L'Occitane Café

This cafe in City Walk Dubai can offer you a glimpse of a real journey to the beautiful Province in France. It’s more than a cafe or a diner, it is a complete experience of entertainment. Here you can have some tasty food, have a quiet me-time sipping a cup of tea, and explore a collection of the best-selling books.

9. Berkan Steakhouse

One of the best restaurants in Dubai not only City Walk, it offers tasty food and a wonderful atmosphere for families, couples and friends to enjoy their time together.

10. Chival

One of the must-visit restaurants in City Walk Dubai is Chival, a wonderful place offering a selection of great dishes and an amazing breakfast menu.

To know more about City Walk Dubai and the other features this stunning community offers, you can just fill in your contact details here so our community expert will call you back.