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Last modified on 23rd June 2022. Dubai Real Estate Blog


Dubai has become the first city in the Middle East to welcome Michelin-listed restaurants. Michelin stars are one of the targets that any restaurant seeks to be part of, as it opens up many prospects for the success and exposure of these restaurants. Michelin stars are given to restaurants based on many criteria such as product quality, culinary skill, the personality of the chef, even the way the food is presented, and many other measures.

Sixty-nine restaurants in Dubai have joined the prestigious list that offers a variety of international foods, and 9 of these restaurants have received one Michelin star, while two restaurants have received two stars.

According to the Michelin Guide, one star is given for high-quality cooking that deserves attention, and two stars for excellent cuisine that is worth a go.

For months, the guide's staff inspected the luxurious restaurants run by famous chefs and bistros in Dubai.

"What makes Dubai's culinary landscape so distinctive is its reflection of the more than 200 nationalities that call the city home, delivering an epicurean kaleidoscope. One thing all the restaurants in this fast-paced, dynamic and elegant city have in common is they are brimming with passion and enthusiasm. Today, Dubai is settled as an inspiring gastronomic destination, and we have no doubts that gourmets from all over the world will be seduced by its very unique energy." said the director of the Michelin Guide restaurants of Dubai joining the guide.

The two restaurants that have been awarded two Michelin Stars:

Ristorante - Niko Romito

It is marked by its delicious Italian dishes, desserts, and high-quality ingredients. The most famous dishes are fish and pasta. A charming view of the Arabian Gulf and an upscale atmosphere guarantees a smooth and unforgettable dining experience.


It serves a range of delicious French delicacies by Chef Yannick Alléno. He is considered one of the best chefs who provide delicious food to suit different tastes. The restaurant is located in the Palm Jumeirah with a stunning view of the seashore.

The nine restaurants that have been awarded one Michelin Star:

11 Woodfire

This luxurious restaurant serves a variety of grilled meats, vegetables, and the best seafood with an exquisite taste, by the Malaysian-born chef Malik Anwar, in an elegant atmosphere that caters to the likes of different people from all over the world.

Al Muntaha

It serves a luxurious and varied range of French and Italian dishes in an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Created by the famous chef Saverio Sbaragli, who has received many awards throughout his career within the world-famous Burj Al Arab. The restaurant enjoys a stunning view of Jumeirah Beach and The Palm.

Armani Ristorante

It is located in the Burj Khalifa, the most famous tower in the world. It offers the most delicious Italian dishes prepared with quality and premium ingredients to suit people's tastes within a refined and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy an unforgettable gastronomic experience.


It offers a range of fine Chinese food with fresh and high-quality ingredients in addition to the most delicious desserts and drinks, and it features dedicated spaces for VIPs. It is located in Jumeirah, with warm customer service.


It is a high-end restaurant run by the famous sushi expert Masahiro Sugiyama and imports raw materials and ingredients from Japan to be fresh daily.


This integrated restaurant that serves the most delicious European dishes takes care of all the details of making and serving food and is located in the Palm Jumeirah, with a classy and pleasant atmosphere, good staff service, and a lot of different offers in every season.

Torno Subito

This restaurant, which serves the most delicious Italian meals and pasta dishes, is located on Palm Island in an upscale and luxurious ambiance that gives you an unforgettable dining experience and premier staff service.


It is one of the restaurants that offers many innovative and delicious meals and Portuguese dishes rich in high-quality ingredients. It is located on the sixth floor of the Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah Hotel, and the restaurant features stunning views of the famous Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf.

Tresind Studio

It is one of the best restaurants in Dubai that offers a variety of delicious Indian dishes, which are prepared with the highest standards of quality and attention. You will be delighted to taste the most delicious Indian flavors and spices, and the menu changes according to the seasons and meets all guests' tastes.

Dubai continues to dazzle the world daily with its achievements and kitchens that attract attention with their diversity and vitality for millions worldwide. There are many other new and upcoming attractions in Dubai to look forward to. If you're paying a visit to the city, keep an eye out for the Driven Properties blog.