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Meydan City will Transform Sports and Luxury Living in Dubai

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Meydan City will Transform Sports and Luxury Living in Dubai

Meydan City apartments stand in a versatile manner at the development purely for residential purposes. the community also offers a five-star hotel, an amazing 360-degree observation deck and a restaurant at the world’s highest platform are certainly astounding. 

Luxury and Entertainment at its best

It has taken luxury to a very different and unique level. It also has the Marina Yacht Club that is designed with sufficient berths to keep in place yachts and boats of varied sizes. It is navigable from the Arabian Gulf through a unique waterway. This Dubai Off Plan is known for beautiful independent Meydan villas, as well. There is also a floating stage for musical concerts and other social gatherings that can accommodate close to 60000 people in one go. Meydan City is a beautiful outdoor setting that spans 14000 sqm and one of the most astounding features you would have ever seen. 

Encouraging sports culture

If you have been looking for sporting activities in your leisure time, Meydan One Park is just the ideal one for you. Engage yourself with skiing, skateboarding, snowboarding, long biking, and other indoor sports, as well. This entire area is spread across 25000 sqm and one of the best sports networks that Meydan city properties provide with pride.

Job opportunities

MBR Dubai is another joint venture established by Meydan Group. It basically focuses on entrepreneurship and other retail business opportunities keeping sustainability in mind. 

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