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Rera Rental Increase Calculator In Dubai

Last modified on 5th December 2022. Dubai Real Estate Blog

By Ward Mohammad

Rera Rental Increase Calculator In Dubai

If your lease contract is ending, you might wonder if your landlord would increase the rent on your property. The Dubai Land Department found an online Rental Index to make leasing more comfortable for renters in Dubai. RERA rental increase calculator is a handy online tool that gives tenants a clear insight into the rent rise they may anticipate if their lease is up for renewal. Here's a quick guide to clarify how you can use it.

About RERA

RERA is a division of the Dubai Land Department, the governing authority. RERA is the agency that confirms the laws and regulations of the real estate sector, manages market development, and sets the necessary rules and regulations for foreign investors in Dubai. In addition, RERA collects all the details related to tenants and real estate owners to resolve all disputes and their associated tasks. RERA also closely monitors the legality of banks, developers, and insurance and law companies' actions. In addition, it also monitors the trustworthiness of real estate advertising in the media.

How to use the rental increase calculator?

Below are steps to follow to use RERA rental increase calculator:

  • Visit
  • Choose whether you rent a residential, commercial, industrial, or staff housing unit.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the contract's end date.
  • Select whether you want an apartment or a villa.
  • Select the area you are living in.
  • Next, you must submit information about your residential units, such as the number of rooms and your current annual rent.
  • Click 'calculate' after you've confirmed the 'Captcha' verification.

The calculator will then provide information about the following:

  1. Dubai's current rent increase guidelines
  2. current rentals in your neighborhood for your type of property (one bedroom, studio, villa, etc.)
  3. The maximum rent increase allowed is determined by the rental increase standards.

The rent increase guidelines establish a slab system for determining the amount of rent that can be increased. This slab system is determined by comparing the current rent of a residential unit to the area's average rent.

The landlord may be entitled to raise your rent by 5, 10, or 15%, depending on how low it is now. For Example: According to the Dubai Land Department, if a unit's current rent is 21 to 30% less than the average rental value of similar units, the rent can be increased by 10% when the lease is renewed.

Based on these parameters, the RERA rental increase calculator will calculate the amount your rent may increase during renewal. Users can also download the report for personal use and reference through the portal.

How much can a landlord increase the rent for the property?

The rental price of the market value for the area The increase in rent
Below 10% No increase is allowed
Between 11% and 20% 5%
Between 21% and 30% 10%
Between 31% and 40% 15%
41% 20%

When can a landlord increase the rent?

 Your landlord is required by law to notify you of any rent increases 90 days in advance. Articles 6 and 14 of the 'Dubai Law No. 26 of 2007 Regulating Relations between the Landlord and Tenant in the Emirate of Dubai,' often known as the Dubai Rent Law, state as much. If you receive notice from your landlord that your rent will be increased, check the RERA rental increase calculator to see if the increase is within the Dubai Land Department's permitted range.

 Whom should I contact for an illegal rental increase by the landlord?

 Suppose your rent has grown dramatically and is now more than the limit set out in the Rental Index. In that case, you can contact the Dubai Land Department's Rental Dispute Center at Dubai Land Department through their toll-free number – 800 4488.

 Where can I complain about my landlord in Dubai?

 If you're facing a problem between you and your landlord and you've tried every other resolution, the last alternative is to file a RERA complaint at the Dubai Land Department's Rent Disputes Settlement Center. Their head office is located in Deira.

 Things To Keep in Mind About The Rental Increase in Dubai

  • RERA encourages tenants and landlords to use the Rental Increase Calculator when negotiating leasing contracts.
  • A quick check of the Rental Price Index using the RERA rent calculator must be done by existing and new tenants when renting apartments in Dubai.
  • Landlords should use the RERA calculator to determine whether they can increase the rents of the leasing housing units.

According to the current RERA Tenancy law, landlords can only demand a rental price increase three months before the expiry date of a rental contract. Also, the increase is allowed if the rental price is at least 22% lower than the average market price of other similar property types in the area.

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Whether you're buying, selling, or renting a property in Dubai, familiarise yourself with all the RERA forms and their purpose in the property market.

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