The Driven Experts: Our favorite Dubai commercial property areas

Last modified on 30th August 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog

The Driven Experts: Our favorite Dubai commercial property areas

It’s no surprise that over the years, Dubai has quickly grown into one of the leading international hubs for all kinds of businesses. According to the National, just in the year 2015, Dubai's top commercial property areas held over 22,000 SME’s. Every day Dubai establishes several kinds of new foreign and local companies, enterprises, corporations and startups in this vibrant growing business center

The location is one of the key elements when it comes to setting up any kind of business in Dubai. We sat down with our director of retail and office specialist agent, Saad Bin Zain, to talk about his top 4 favorite commercial property areas that are perfect to start a business.

1. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

Established for over 12 years, DIFC has achieve?its vision of being the financial capital of the UAE. Currently, DIFC has over 1500 businesses with the Gate District alone occupying around 95% of retail and office space. DIFC is also introducing a new project that will deal exclusively with retail and residential areas. The Gate Avenue will be connecting the Gate District to the Burj Khalifa, with an estimated of 660,000 sq. ft. of buildup area (BUA) for at least 150 retail outlets, residential units, and other community features. Saad predicts that with the completion of the Gate Avenue, DIFC will become the hottest commercial property in the market.

2. Dubai Design District (D3):


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With its inception in 2013, by his highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, and its official launch in April 2015, Dubai Design District has become the ultimate space for the concept artist, the visual genius, and the designing guru. "D3 offers an edge higher than an average business district," states Saad Bin Zain when talking about this innovative and dynamic sector. D3 was created for the sole purpose of promoting local and international industries of art, fashion, and design, which makes this the perfect environment for Dubai’s creative community. With the first phase already running, D3’s vision is to complete all 3 of their phases before Expo 2020. Major corporations, SME’s and startups would take full advantage of this unique and artistic part of Dubai real estate market.

3. Dubai World Trade Central (DWTC):


In the year 1979, Dubai built the very first major business tower where they would establish international trade and commerce. This gave birth to Dubai’s oldest business sector, and the region’s first commercial property areas the Dubai World Trade Centre. DWTC is the symbol of reliability and the resilience when it comes to the business market. Today DWTC provides worldwide events and exhibitions on some of the best upcoming businesses, industries and enterprises on a global scale.

4. Downtown Dubai:


Termed as The Centre of Now and being the ultimate tourist center with the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa and several luxury hotels, world famous brands and top restaurants and retail stores all within one location. This area is perfect for new businesses and upcoming Dubai properties suggests Saad Bin Zain. Downtown has a wonderful mixture of residential and commercial property units which offers a unique blend of communities, making it ideal for new businesses to get exposure on a large scale. The newest installation of UAE’s first opera house, Dubai Opera will gain an international audience with world-renowned shows, performances, and theater.

Not only does this serve as being the absolute center of Dubai, Downtown Dubai also provides quick access to all of the above major commercial property areas and other business districts that Dubai has to offer.

With these areas and a lot more, Dubai offers new business opportunities every day for any individual who would like to start their business or enterprise.

For more information on retail and office space in Dubai’s current or upcoming industrial and commercial property projects, you can contact our retail & office director Saad Bin Zain or any other of our Driven’s top agents for all of your Dubai property needs.