Top 5 Pet-Friendly Areas In Dubai

Last modified on 1st November 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Areas In Dubai

Over the years, the number of registered pet dogs in Dubai has just about tripled and continues to grow steadily. However, numerous buildings and developments across the city, such as Dubai Marina and JBR, have banned pets and fine owners who fail to follow the rules.

Although it was initially difficult for owners to find neighborhoods that can accommodate their furry friends, now there are a selection of areas to choose from.

The Greens

Most pet owners will attest to the Greens warm acceptance of pets. The Emaar development offers partially shaded pedestrian walkways where dog owners can take their pooch for a comfortable walk. The artificial lake and the lush landscaping surrounding it provides dogs with an expansive playground. There are bins for dog waste located close to the apartment buildings and the lakes. Find properties for sale and rent in The Greens

Arabian Ranches

This gated community is perfect for pet owners, with abundant landscaping, ample space for walks, and a selection of exclusive pet shops and veterinary clinics. Arabian Ranches houses a number of parks, walkways, and lakes that both pets and their owners can enjoy. Public areas are conveniently fitted with pet waste bins for cleanliness. The townhouses and villas also have large gardens with high walls, providing an ideal space for dogs and cats to play close to home. Find properties for sale and rent in Arabian Ranches

Looking for a Rent?

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Landlords in JLT have the choice to allow or ban pets in their unit, however most apartments are pet friendly. The winding paths around the lakes and vibrant environment provides dog owners with the walking paths, lined with bins and baggie dispensers. JLT also boasts a number of high-end grooming centers for pets, which sets it apart from the other pet-friendly areas. While many restaurants and cafs in the JLT people to bring their dogs to the outdoor seating areas, owners must be conscious of other patrons to ensure they have a comfortable experience. Find properties for sale and rent Jumeirah Lake Towers

Emirates Living: The Springs, the Meadows, and the Lakes

Emirates Living residents of the Meadows, the Springs, and the Lakes are allowed to have pets and there couldnt be a better environment for them. While pets are not allowed in the parks, these communities offer ample open spaces and waterfront paths to walk dogs. Most Emirates Living villas have gardens for pets and owners to enjoy and the public areas provide bins for doggie waste. The development is highly convenient for pet owners, with the stores that carry pet food and accessories, pet sitting center, and a veterinary hospital. 

Green Community

Despite being a relatively new community in an up-and-coming neighborhood, Green Community has developed a reputation as one of the best developments for pet owners. Known for its open green spaces and well-planned paths, owners can take their pet on walks and runs down the tree-lined walkways and along the waterfront. Dog owners greatly benefit from the proximity of Paws Pet Planet, a dog park located in Dubai Investment Park. This indoor retreat provides dogs of all breeds and sizes a place to play and exercise in their facilities, include paddling pools and obstacle courses. If the owners are not able to be present, theres a dog daycare center where dogs are tended to and allowed to socialize with other dogs. The health and temperament of all the dogs are assessed before gaining access to Paws Pet Planet. Find properties for sale and rent in Green Community