What to Expect From Living in Downtown Dubai

Last modified on 17th December 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog

What to Expect From Living in Downtown Dubai

Dubai is the city that astonished the world with the development it achieved within a few decades, an achievement that took years of building and development in other parts of the world. Downtown Dubai is a real example of the modern lifestyle that Dubai leads, where every scene looks like it's coming out of the future. It is contemporary life as it should be, and luxury at its best. 


Downtown Dubai has many landmarks that have become widely recognised around the world as progressive artistic masterpieces, and architectural monuments tightly connected to Dubai's name that one comes to mind whenever the other is mentioned. 

The Dubai Mall with its magnificent structure and huge scale that holds the record of being the largest shopping mall in the world, The Dancing fountain that is the first must-be-seen in Dubai for every visitor, and of course, the iconic Burj Khalifa, all are famous and primary destinations in Dubai located in one place, Downtown Dubai.


All this makes Dubai Downtown one of the most desirable areas not only in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates, but it is a dream for many people around the world to buy property in Downtown Dubai.


However, if you are planning to have a place of your own and thinking of Dubai Downtown as a possible destination, here are some of the facts and highlights that we believe you need to know.


  1. An active lifestyle full of events

After the short briefing that we mentioned above, you must have already developed a good idea of the lifestyle that you can expect when you buy property in Downtown Dubai. Although the aforementioned is already sufficient to give residents of Downtown Dubai a distinctive dashing type of living, it is not all it has to offer. The Downtown is the center of cultural, artistic and entertainment events of all kinds, which means that you will get the opportunity to enjoy a lot of seasonal or regular activities throughout the year without the trouble of going anywhere. Whenever you fancy watching a live art performance, enjoying authentic music and creative shows from all around the world, the Dubai Opera is just steps away from your home. 


2.   Well-maintained Neighborhood

The downtown area receives great attention in terms of public services, as it is an area with many world-class hotels and dozens of restaurants, cafes, shops and tourist facilities that receive visitors day and night. This is definitely one of the important things that nightlife fans particularly take into account when considering finding a property for sale in Downtown Dubai.


3.   Close to key destinations

It is the center of the city, so it is given in the name! When you live in Downtown Dubai you will be close to all the places and areas you frequently visit in the city. Feeling like spending the day on the beach? All you need is pick up your towels and beach kit and head for a ten minutes drive, and the fun will begin.


4.   Next to business hubs

Dubai Downtown is neighbour to most of the business areas in the city like business bay, Dubai International Financial center and Trade center. Having a property for sale in Downtown Dubai is a good idea for those who have business in those areas as they will save a lot of their time to invest in the business.


5.   Serviced with public transportation

One of the first things that people check when studying an area to own a place at, is transportation. Even when you have a car, sometimes it's more comfortable to head to your destination without having to worry about the parking availability or the traffic. That makes having a metro station in the area a bonus and a factor of convenience to everyone who wants to buy property in Downtown Dubai.

Dubai Mall metro station is not the only public transportation that is available, you can also find that the area is served with many bus routes as well as taxis. 


6.   Pet-friendly 

Downtown Dubai is one of the districts that pet owners will see as a suitable choice for living, as many residential buildings and units allow residents to keep pets and there are many pet parks where they can walk their pets. Besides the fact that the area supports the pedestrian lifestyle with many walkable routes connecting the different parts of downtown together.


7.   Schools and educational institutes

Families with kids are always concerned about the availability of schools close to their place of residence, and it’s one of the aspects that can be a deal maker or breaker for them. Even though Downtown Dubai provides some school options, they are not so many . However, the nearby areas that are just a short drive away provide some excellent options of high rated schools for the different ages. Moreover, families with little children will find various nurseries and daycares within the district of Downtown Dubai.


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