Must-Know - While Renting An Apartment In Dubai?

Last modified on 24th August 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Must-Know - While Renting An Apartment In Dubai?

The first thing to know about renting Dubai apartments is that there are plenty of options. Irrespective of the area you finalize and the budget you have in mind, you would be able to find one that suits you comfortably. Expats, as well as locals, can conveniently rent apartments in Dubai. When you are searching for a Dubai apartment for rent, here are a few things to remember.

Start with a credible source

The first step is to find a credible Dubai rental listing page. This is where you get updated information about the properties that are available on rent. The city offers ample diversity in terms of apartment size, location, floor plan, and other aspects. Pick a reliable source or work with a real estate agent to reduce the time taken to shortlist your options. 

Physical inspection

Most landlords post clear pictures of the property which makes it easy for potential tenants to check the listing page and shortlist the ones that attract them. However, you should also arrange for a property inspection before you make any decision. While inspecting the property, you can also check the locality, road connectivity, traffic conditions, and other aspects. You would also be able to get a better idea about the physical conditions of the Dubai apartments you have shortlisted. 

Do not hesitate to negotiate

Finally, once you have decided to make a good offer. Most owners are ready to make negotiations based on the number of cheques you can give annually. Based on the location, furnishing status of the house, as well as the repair costs (if any), you can negotiate the rent. You should also do some research about the rental trends in the locality that you choose. It will be useful when you make an offer. If you are happy with the property and the rent, you can then proceed to make a security deposit to close the deal.