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Four Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Dubai

Dubai is characterized by meeting all residential needs and requirements for different people, whether they are single couples or small or large families.

Real estate developers in Dubai are constantly working to provide spacious living spaces that meet the requirements of the growing number in Dubai, starting from studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom apartments, and even 4-bedroom apartments, which are considered ideal areas and very suitable for families.

How much does a 4 bedroom apartment cost in Dubai?

There is a group of best areas to live in Dubai, especially for families or people who prefer large spaces, whether for guests or even to decorate the house and live in apartments consisting of 4 rooms.

Each area has its own character and a set of recreational facilities from hotels, restaurants, resorts, parks, and gardens, besides swimming pools, and shopping centers.

You will find four-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina that feature modern and contemporary designs and unforgettable views of the waterfront with plenty of amenities that make it a convenient option. 

For example, there are four-bedroom apartments for sale in Marina that are priced at AED 5,500,000.

It is easy to find four-bedroom apartments for sale in Downtown Dubai, especially if you are looking for apartments with large areas and luxurious designs, with charming views of Burj Khalifa and many other famous landmarks, and it includes many amenities and a variety of options for shopping from retail stores to schools, nurseries, parks, and gardens.

Apartements prices in Downtown ranging from 2,500,000 AED to 18,614,000 AED.

And we cannot forget the Business Bay area, which is considered one of the most popular areas to buy an apartment in, because it contains many options of 4 bhk apartments in Dubai, all of which are beautiful and designed with high quality and luxury. 

You will find there many retail stores, gyms, hotels, swimming pools, gardens, and also multiple transportation options.

Their prices range from AED 24,895,000 to AED 72,895,000.

Also, there is a 4 bhk apartment for sale in Dubai on City Walk, which is characterized by being the most beautiful and most popular tourist area for families and its proximity to Downtown Dubai. 

There are many cafes, high-end restaurants, children's amusement parks, and various different markets, and their prices range between AED 8134555 and AED 8400000.

There are also many options, such as Dubai Creek Harbour, which includes many luxury restaurants and entertainment centers

There you can find four-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai at a price of AED 5,800,000.

And in Palm Jumeirah,  you will find four-bedroom apartments at a price of 23089500 AED.

And indeed, you will find a 4 bedroom house for sale in Dubai in Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is characterized by a luxurious lifestyle, fine restaurants, and stunning sea views. 

It has more than 40 towers such as La Vie Tower and 35 luxury residential units, integrated in terms of modern and luxurious recreational facilities such as restaurants, hotels, and shops.

It is one of the most popular areas for tourism, with prices ranging between AED 7,600,000 and AED 33,710,000.