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All You Need to Know about 4-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai

A 4-bedroom apartment is a residential unit that includes four separate bedrooms and a living area. Residents can use the three extra bedrooms for a variety of purposes, including children`s bedrooms, guest rooms, home offices, and more.

The spacious apartments are also great for hosting gatherings and parties with family and friends. 

Advantages of 4-Bedroom Apartments in Dubai 

  • Space for gatherings and parties: Invite friends and relatives to your big 4-bedroom apartment, amuse them in the airy living areas and let them remain if you change any of the rooms into guest rooms.

  • Investment Potential: Purchasing a 4-bedroom apartment is an excellent investment option for flipping or renting.

Disadvantages of 4-Bedroom Apartments in Dubai 

  • High costs: While the most spacious and elegant, 4-bedroom apartments are frequently the most expensive units in an apartment complex.

  • High maintenance: The enormous size of the apartment also means that you`ll need to commit more time and effort to setting up, maintaining, and cleaning the entire unit.

Things to Consider when Searching for a Dubai 4-Bedroom Apartment for Sale

4-bedroom apartments are opulent, spacious, and adjustable layouts that provide numerous options for you, your family, or your tenants. These units are ideal for growing families or those who host frequent parties.

As a living space, you have three additional rooms that you may use for your children`s bedrooms, guest rooms, home offices, storage areas, and other purposes. This large space also allows you to be creative with your decorations—and each bedroom may be personalized by its owner.

On the other hand, as an investment opportunity, you can resell or lease the 4-bedroom apartment to repay your initial investment or earn steady revenue in the future. As a result, it is advised to look into purchasing 4-bedroom apartments in areas where such units are in high demand.

However, the trade-off is that these facilities will have significantly higher maintenance, and utility expenditures.

How to Find a Well-Priced 4-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai 

Driven Properties provides exquisite four-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai. Our online 4-bedroom apartment listings include locations such as Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Bluewaters Island, and more.

Please contact one of our professional real estate agents to learn more about specific 4-bedroom apartment characteristics in the city. Our agents will guide and support you in your house search. 

Most Popular Areas for 4-Bedroom Apartment Sales in Dubai 

  1. 4-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina
  2. 4-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Downtown Dubai
  3. 4-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Jumeirah Beach Residences
  4. 4-Bedroom Apartments for Sale in Bluewaters Island

Sales Trends for 4-Bedroom Apartments in Dubai

Examples of sales patterns for luxurious 4-bedroom apartments in specific Dubai areas are in the following ranges: 

Luxury 4-Bedroom Apartment Sales Trends in Dubai

  1. Luxury 4-Bedroom Apartments in Business Bay from AED 3,500,000 to AED 85,000,000
  2. Luxury 4-Bedroom Apartments in Downtown Dubai from AED 3,700,000 to AED 70,000,000

Waterfront 4-Bedroom Apartment Sales Trends in Dubai 

  1. Waterfront 4-Bedroom Apartments in Jumeirah Beach Residences from AED 3,200,000 to AED 27,000,000
  2. Waterfront 4-Bedroom Apartments in Bluewaters Island from AED 15,000,000 to AED 30,000,000
  3. Waterfront 4-Bedroom Apartments in Palm Jumeirah from AED 9,000,000 to AED 90,000,000

Types of 4-Bedroom Apartments Available for Sale in Dubai 

4-Bedroom Duplex Apartments in Dubai 

A 4-bedroom duplex apartment often has two levels connected by an internal stairway. The living room, kitchen, and half-bath could be on the lower story, with the other bedrooms on the upper floor, possibly with two or more full baths. This plan provides lots of privacy and is perfect for larger families or those who want more space.

4-Bedroom Penthouse Apartments in Dubai 

4-bedroom penthouses are luxury homes located on the highest levels of an apartment block. These massive homes feature four bedrooms, huge living areas, many balconies or terraces with stunning views, and high-end facilities.

Some ultra-luxurious 4-bedroom penthouses may even feature private gyms, home theaters, or rooftop infinity pools, making them ideal for those seeking the ultimate premium lifestyle. 

Ready 4-Bedroom Apartments Sales Trends in Dubai 

While costs vary depending on location, building size, conditions, and views, ready-to-move-in 3-Bedroom apartment sales in Dubai typically cost from AED 2,000,000 to AED 70,000,000. 

Off-Plan 4-Bedroom Apartments Sales Trends in Dubai

While costs vary depending on location, building size, conditions, and views, off-plan 3-Bedroom apartment sales in Dubai typically cost from AED 1,200,000 to AED 90,000,000.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a 4-Bedroom Apartment in Dubai 

  • Budget: Determine your acceptable pricing range while accounting for any additional costs.

  • Location: Choose your ideal Dubai location based on work accessibility, desired facilities, and lifestyle.

  • Preferred apartment type: Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you require, whether you prefer a ready or off-plan apartment, and whether a duplex or penthouse plan appeals to you.

Purchase your ideal 4-bedroom apartment in Dubai with Driven Properties today. Experience the best of Dubai living by contacting one of our expert real estate agents and scheduling a viewing.

Allow Driven Properties to assist you in locating your next dream property in Dubai.


What is a 4-bedroom apartment?

A 4-bedroom apartment is a spacious residential unit with four separate bedrooms and a living area. This extra space can be used for a variety of purposes.

What are the advantages of buying a 4-bedroom apartment in Dubai?

  • Ample space for families, roommates, or frequent guests.

  • High investment potential for resale or rental income.

What are the disadvantages of buying a 4-bedroom apartment in Dubai?

  • Higher costs to purchase and maintain due to the extra space.

Who are 4-bedroom apartments suitable for?

Large or growing families, people who entertain frequently, or those who need a dedicated home office or hobby space.

 What are some popular areas for 4-bedroom apartments in Dubai?

Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Bluewaters Island.

What is the price range for 4-bedroom apartments?

Prices vary depending on location and luxury. The range is roughly AED 1,200,000 to AED 90,000,000.

What types of 4-bedroom apartments are available?

  • Ready (already built) or off-plan (under construction).

  • Duplex (split-level) with living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs.

  • Penthouse (on the top floor) with potentially high ceilings, great views, large balconies, and high-end amenities. Some may even include private features like gyms, theaters, or pools.

What should I consider before buying?

  • Budget: How much can you afford monthly, including rent and other costs?
  • Location: Where in Dubai do you want to live? Consider commute, amenities, and lifestyle.
  • Preferred features: How many bathrooms do you need? Furnished or unfurnished? Ready or off-plan? Does a duplex or penthouse appeal to you?