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Best Interior Design Tips

Last modified on 17th November 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Best Interior Design Tips

Interior design is the art of finding aesthetically pleasing and efficient solutions for better use of the spaces we live or work. Interior design aims to improve daily life living by better managing the space available in your home or office.

It is a beautiful way to transform people's lives using a specific space, improving their quality of creativity, work, or even sleep through design and decoration.

Interior design is much more than getting your decor right. Today we understand more the importance of what surrounds you and how it affects your mind and body.

From colors & patterns to texture and light, here are the ultimate tips you should consider while decorating or renovating your space:

1. Set a color scheme for your home interior design

You can choose among the three primary schemes suggested by all design specialists:

# A monochromatic scheme consists of using one main color for your rooms or office and adding lighter tones and darker shades. Usually, this palette suits Scandinavian home interior.

# Analogous scheme: it simply consists of using colors next to like Blue, Green & Cyan.

# Complementary scheme: the idea is to use opposite colors for your interior design, combinations like Red & Green or Blue & Orange. This trick is perfect for any bold, electric, and contemporary interior design.

2. Find the design layout that suits you

Depending on your space, interior architecture, personal taste, and what vibe you want to give to your interior space, you choose the design layout that suits your needs and requirements.

3. Use vertical lines for a higher ceiling impression

If your space is small or has a pretty low roof, or it is simply a mezzanine

Using vertical lines in your wallpaper, curtains, or even frames is the tip to follow.

Vertical lines give an instant impression of a much higher ceiling.

4. Large art can make the space seem bigger

If you have a smaller space, try to use one large piece of art as a focal point for your room or office. Unlike what is usually thought and done, using small pieces of art inside a small space only increases the smallness of the place.

5. Choose the right light

You need to make sure you've chosen lights with an actual functional purpose, with the right amount of illumination shining off them, and with a stylistic element to add to the room's aesthetic. You can't put a simple modern ceiling light in a room full of antique furniture.To choose the right light for your interior, you need to know the three main lighting types:

# Ambient Lighting

Generally, the primary source of light found in a room. They can be anything from overhead fixtures to recessed lighting.

# Task Lighting

Used to provide light for certain activities, like reading a book or doing your makeup in front of a mirror. These lights are never used to brighten an entire room, just a tiny area of the room.

# Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the most decorative lighting in a room. These lights typically draw attention to something you admire in the house, such as a painting, fireplace, or bookshelf. In general, these lights make something stand out for all your guests to see.

6. Last but not least: Use green plants for your interior design.

Using plants in your interior design makes spaces more appealing and alive and plays a role in your overall health. Plants can increase productivity; help you sleep better and even reduce stress and anxiety. Indoor plants can be used as accent pieces, soften areas, or even create a particular expression.

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