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From camel racing to camel riding, here's where to live your camel-fantasies in the UAE.

Camels have been existing in the Arabian Peninsula for more than 3,500 years. Hence, you are more likely to see the single-humped camel (dromedary) in Arabia and the two-humped camel (Bactrian) in Asia. Historically, camels were utilized on trade routes to transport goods, for food and milk, and among Bedouin tribes as part of a bride's dowry.

Today, camels are a tourist attraction in their own right. So fair! There's even World Camel Day on 22 July, which values the animal's role in people's livelihood worldwide.

Al Khawaneej Racing Track

You'll find this at the Al Khawaneej Racing course in Dubai if you want to watch camel races. Although races attract a culturally diverse crowd, they can watch hosting races on traditional racing tracks. The track is located near a cycling track, a farm, a riding school, and stables.

Arabian Desert Camel Riding Centre

The Arab Saharawi Camel Riding Centre is the first officially licensed camel riding school. A perfect place to create your camel experiences in the UAE. In this school, you can interact with camels on a personal level. During the junior class, you will walk and trot on camels and learn fun facts about camels. Classes cost AED 150 for the adult and AED 100 for the child.

Al Lisaili Camel Market

Al Lisaili Camel Market includes shops, benches, and stores. These shops sell feed, veterinary medicines, camel raising tools and equipment, camel race and equestrian tools, and veterinary laboratories. In addition to supporting activities such as vegetables and dates trade, laundry, food, and drinks. The market attracts camel breeders and camels.

Al Marmoom Heritage Village

You must go to Al Marmoum Heritage Village to watch a camel race. Located 30 minutes from central Dubai. You can see up to 60 camels rushing down the track and trainers in SUVs. Suppose you want to enjoy your time there. In that case, it's recommended to visit it during the Marmoom Heritage Festival, which usually falls between March and April. In addition, the camel racing season runs from October to April and often takes place early on weekends.

Al Ain Camel Market

Al Ain Camel Market is ideal for family trips to learn about Arab culture and traditions. At the market, you can see small Arab camels. Located 15 kilometers from the center of Ain. Tourists can closely watch various camels, attend training races, take photos, and watch locals make commercial deals to buy and sell goats and sheep.

The Beach, JBR

The coastline of Jbr beach includes many activities that you can do, including a running track, restaurants, bars, and camel rides. If you head near Hilton Dubai, a local resident with camels is wandering on the beach, where you can take great photos on a camel. The experience starts from AED 50 for riding and AED 25 for taking your picture.

Madinat Zayed Camel Beauty Pageant of Al Dhafra Festival

Camel beauty competitions are big in UAE, as in any beauty-related competition, where camels containing botox are excluded, and winners are awarded up to AED 600 million. The competition occurs during the festival of Dhafra, which celebrates Bedouin traditions. The event is held annually in December in the Empty Quarter, two hours from Abu Dhabi.

Al Maha, A Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

Al Maha Resort is a luxurious Saharan resort located in the Dubai Desert Reserve. Guests of the hotel can enjoy desert safari experiences and take advantage of great trips in the desert. They will enjoy four desert activities, including a camel trip at sunset. The cost is around AED 750.

The Camel Farm

Dubai camel farm is one of the most family-friendly camel experiences in the UAE, where you can do many nutrition and cuddle activities. You can also ride camels inside the farm for an hour in the surrounding desert. The farm is also home to chickens, deer, goats, rabbits, and sheep. The ticket costs AED 50 and includes a guided tour and a feeding session.

These adventures mentioned above are must-try activities on your visit to Dubai. A desert safari allows you to try camel riding with many other thrilling, one-of-a-kind experiences. It is like going back in time and pretending you were having a casual day riding your camel 3,500 years ago. For more UAE outdoor activities, stay tuned to Driven Properties blog.