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Last modified on 29th November 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog


Dubai Hills Estate is a multi-purpose residential community that expands over an area of ​​11 million square feet. It provides a collection of residential apartments, villas and townhouses surrounded by green spaces, grassy lawns and manicured paths and walkways that make the outdoor spaces an earthly paradise embracing the elegant houses of the community to offer its residents an amazing living experience.

So what else does Dubai Hills Estate provide to make you choose it as your new home address? Here are five highlights that makes Dubai Hills Estate a unique place to live:

1. Variety of options to choose from

The development offers a collection of residential options, in terms of areas and  types. If you are planning to start a new family and want to own a nice family home, you will have many options of one or two bedroom apartments perfect for a small family. And if you are looking for a home that can provide a space of privacy and freedom for every member of the family, Dubai Hills will offer you a set of spacious apartments, elegant townhouses and luxurious villas.

2. Open green spaces bringing you closer to nature

In a world of speedy life where everything goes crazy fast, we need a space to relax and get away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of big cities in order to recharge our energy, and we find ourselves looking for this space of comfort and calm in the embrace of nature. The vast expanses of green lawns, parks and manicured gardens surrounding Dubai Hills Estate homes will give you the ideal refuge to turn to every day.

3. Superb Location

Location is one of the key factors of setting the kind of life you have. When you live in a location that makes you spend less time on the roads and more time with your family or doing things that you love, your whole life will be different. Dubai Hills takes place at a location that is close to most of the city’s attraction points, so most of the places that you’ll need to visit will be within your reach.

Global Village, Miracle Garden, Dubai Downtown and other key locations are easily accessible and a short drive away from the Dubai Hills Estate’s location

4.High Quality Facilities

When it comes to the services that are offered to Dubai Hills residents, there is nothing that you would miss. From healthcare and educational facilities to entertainment options like hotels, restaurants, and shopping outlets, all are available within the development.

5. Outstanding way of living

Modern days created a new set of standards and requirements that need to be met in order for residents to feel like living a quality life. Dubai Hills Estate is a master-planned development that is designed to fit modern living by providing all the amenities that residents will expect to have in top class level.

We would be more than happy to be accompany you through the journey of choosing your house of dreams because at Driven Properties we have a team of expert real estate professionals ready to provide the advice and assistance you require.

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