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Top Interior Trends for Winter 2015

Last modified on 24th August 2020. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Top Interior Trends for Winter 2015

The Comfort Factor

Its the time of year when temperature drops and holidays start to come around, which means entertaining family and friends for dinner, parties, or simple nights-in. To enrich the conviviality, there are certain pieces you can add to make the guests feel like your home is their own.


Homemade items such as hand-painted dishware and rustic accents made with materials like wood, twine, rope have create a welcoming and familiar environment.   Even in city like Dubai, we often find our houses getting bit chillier than expected. Investing a couple bed and couch throws will bring warmth while enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Hue Hue Hue


Olive, grey, indigo, and oxblood are ubiquitous in everything from fashion to interior design. Whether its painting one wall a deep red or adding a couple olive green cushions to your couch, these color add

depth and warmth to the room.  


Grey is often seen as a utilitarian and industrial color, however it has the ability to be the main color of a room but also act as a base for more vibrant ones.         


Incorporating these rich colors can turn a home in a comfy haven to spend the holidays and relax with loved ones.    

Subtle Festivities


During the holiday season people feel the need to decorate their home with over the top lighting and ornaments, leaving their house looking slightly garish and almost unrecognizable. Using understated decorations can complement and even enhance the existing dcor of the house. This can be winter florals and a simple pine branch in a vase or just one major festive piece, such as oversize wreath.


Following the current minimalist trends, large pine Christmas trees are making way for alternative trees made from various materials and featuring unique ornaments. Some opt for a wooden pallet tree, while others create DIY trees made simply from holiday lights arranged in tree formations using fixtures.    


Excessive Christmas lights can look unpleasant and distracting, diminishing the ambience of a room. Candles are great alternative that can improve the atmosphere and mood of a room depending on the shape, size, color, and scent. Other household items can be used to enhance the arrangement, such as decorative pots, glasses, and vases.