Dubai Property

Last modified on 25th January 2021. Dubai Real Estate Blog

Dubai Property

Dubai scores the 2nd highest number of international brands, and 38 new global brands just before London and Shanghai with 51.7% and 55.3% respectively.

Reasons why you should invest in Dubai real estate

  • High-quality lifestyle with affordable housing
  • Attractive rental yield
  • Excellent lifestyle
  • New residency activities
  • Regulations are advantageous for a business and real estate
  • Regulatory framework and transparency
  • A brighter, more exciting future for Dubai is ahead
  • Global connectivity

Why Invest in Dubai Off Plan

One of the best ways to invest your money for the future is to buy off-plan property in Dubai. Many people think investing in an off-plan project is risky, but with proper research and intelligent investing, you can buy the off-plan property of your dreams.

Dubai allows you to put down a very small deposit until the off-plan property is fully constructed. The good news is that for off-plan properties, the developers are always bringing new concepts for first-time buyers and investors who are looking to buy an off plan property.

Dubai Property in the shorter period of 30 years has shown development and tremendous growth and recognized as the fastest-growing middle eastern city.

Transformed from pearl diving and small fishing village, the iconic city has recognized as the world’s most luxurious and stunning city. Massive developments and the constructions of various projects has ranked Dubai as the hub city in the region of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

It has been noticed that after the discovery of oil reservoirs in 1966, the Government of Dubai starts investing in the Dubai Property market in the commercial, retail and residential sectors to support trade, service sectors and business in the city.

The Dubai investors and the developer start constructing mega Dubai projects throughout the city. The mega projects in Dubai are World Islands, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mega City.

Why you should invest Dubai Real Estate

Dubai is the home of more than 100 nationalities. This   has transformed into the best real estate market and is 4th best for economics, 6th best in salaries and 10th best location for the expats. Dubai Land Department during the 6 months revealed that there is an average of AED 111 billion from 27,642 real estate transactions in Dubai.

The visitors, tourist and the business professional, should know how to buy off plan property in Dubai, which will bring a return on investment for them. The few things to be in mind while buying property in Dubai are

  • Strong Economic growth
  • Consistently growing population
  • Consistent development & Innovation
  • High Rental Return
  • No Property Tax

Property Developers in Dubai

Many stunning projects are recently under construction in Dubai. Still, several projects are launched by Dubai’s well – known Dubai real estate developers who become famous around the world for their exotic design and structure.

Dubai Real Estate continues to be one of the most robust and resilient industries in the country. Dubai market is the best sector for buying the property and getting a profitable return on investment in the UAE.

Dubai has been home to several local and international real estate developers that have been offering excellent quality services to their clients. Property Developers in Dubai include

and many other well- known firms based in Emirates.