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Dubai Creek Harbour Apartments For Sale

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Dubai Creek Harbour - Flats & Apartments For Sale

The Emirate of Dubai is rich in important and huge real estate projects that are globally popular and is characterized by modern and high-end designs, combining innovation and creativity, which knows no boundaries in this emirate, and Dubai Creek Harbor is one of the most promising projects in Dubai.

It includes a variety of residential centers such as Dubai Creek Harbor apartments for sale, villas, and high-end and luxurious cultural, commercial, and entertainment facilities.

It offers everything anyone might need, and all of this is located in a luxurious lifestyle and a charming sea view of Dubai Creek, in the middle of a city bustling with business.

Who is the developer of the Dubai Creek Harbour?

Dubai Creek Harbor is one of the most important and most attractive residential destinations in its brilliance. It was developed by the famous Emaar Real Estate Company in partnership with Dubai Holding. 

This area is close to the main centers of Dubai such as Dubai International Airport, Dubai Marina, Dubai Mall, and Downtown Dubai. And also the main centers for business and famous recreational facilities such as Ras Al Khor Wildlife Reserve, which is home to more than 450 species of animals, and therefore is one of the environmentally responsible areas, and we cannot forget its charming view of the waterfront, and the panoramic view of the Dubai skyline and the presence of many recreational, commercial, health, educational, sports, and cultural facilities.

It has multiple residential options to choose from, from 1 bedroom apartments in Dubai Creek Harbor and 2 bedroom apartments in Dubai Creek Harbor to three-bedroom apartments, luxury penthouses, villas, and many more.

It offers high-end entertainment, education, health centers, and pharmacies, and there are also large green spaces and parks filled with trees and landscapes. It the charming and suitable for walking, jogging and other activities.

Is Dubai Creek Harbour a good investment?

The Dubai Creek Harbor area is one of the most desirable areas for housing in Dubai because it combines innovation and sophistication in the designs of its apartments, with its charming view of the Dubai skyline.

All of this contributes to making the value of its properties rise in the future, in addition to the great demand for housing.

This is due to the distinctive and luxurious amenities that it provides, whether from one-bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai for individuals and even families.

For example, child care centers, parks, swimming pools, a variety of retail stores, supermarkets, and gardens, and these integrated facilities make Dubai Creek Harbor one of the best areas to live in Dubai, which means a high return on investment when selling or even renting.

And if you are looking for real estate investment, Dubai Creek Harbor is the best destination to start, as it gives its residents the ability to do many activities such as shopping in stores, restaurants, resorts, or sports fields, in addition to quiet housing.

It also offers multiple transportation options, in addition to its proximity to the main areas in Dubai, and you will find many apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbor, all of which are suitable for individuals or families, so it continues to attract the attention of many real estate investors due to two factors, the first being profitable and the second is due to the high rental returns.

What is the average cost of an apartment in Dubai Creek Harbour?

When you start searching for a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai Creek Harbor, you will find many options available, designed with the highest quality and attention, in a vibrant area full of green spaces, charming sea views, and far from the hustle of the city. 

Prices range between AED 950,000 and AED 1,800,000, and it  is based on a combination of factors such as the desired space, the view, and the required facilities.

If you are a fan of spacious spaces, plenty of rooms and live a high-end lifestyle rich in unlimited amenities such as swimming pools, gyms and fitness, and breathtaking views of Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa and Dubai skyline, you can find a spacious and luxurious 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai Creek Harbor.

With prices ranging from AED 1,550,000 to AED 2,609,000, which vary based on the required space, the view you desire, and modern and modern equipment. 

It is considered one of the best areas to live in Dubai and includes a group of luxury restaurants, cafes, parks, and integrated entertainment centers suitable for families with its high-end and luxurious facilities.