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Dubai Marina - Flats & Apartments for Sale

Marina is one of the communities in Dubai where you get it all in one place, an astonishing waterfront development offers easy access to all the amenities you could ever think of. Home to over 200 luxurious residential towers including the distinctive Cayan Tower, it is predominantly an apartment community considering the amount of Dubai marina apartments for sale in the market, but also features villas and distinguished commercial properties. Many buyers choose to buy apartments in Dubai Marina because of its premium location — with bustling financial districts like Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and Barsha Heights in proximity. The most-searched-for building with apartments for sale in Dubai Marina is Manchester Tower, followed by Marina Diamonds. Marina Pinnacle, Marina Gate, and Studio One Tower.

  • What is Dubai Marina known for?

Aside from the fact that it is the world’s largest man-made marina. Boasting some of the tallest and the most in-demand residential buildings, Dubai Marina apartments personify perfection in their true sense. Planned and developed by some of the most popular and admired architects and designers in the world, offering brilliant architecture with a traditional touch, boasting efficiently planned floor plans and neighborhood facilities and recreational sites, Dubai Marina offers great value for money. Whether you are a nightlife fan or want to spend your leisure time playing golf in a serene environment, Dubai Marina is the right calling. Walking around Dubai Marina is big, It is one of the most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in Dubai. It also has a waterfront promenade called Marina Walk which is popular for walking, strolling, jogging, and running.

  • What are the best places to visit in Dubai Marina?

It is definitely worth visiting for the many hotels, restaurants, and attractions that make up the community. The area is known as the ‘tallest block in the world’, many of the buildings are a minimum height of 820 ft. (250 meters). The high-rise skyscrapers offer breathtaking views of the emirate and its skyline. If you are thinking about things to do, start off with Marina Walk and Dubai Marina Mall. These are the main attractions in the area. Also, you’d be closer to the bustling JBR.

  • How many buildings are in Dubai Marina?

There are more than 200 residential towers in Dubai Marina, each offering spectacular views of the city and the harbour. Undoubtedly, the community is known as the ‘tallest block in the world’ and many of the buildings are part of Dubai’s iconic skyline. The area offers residents a vibrant community lifestyle. It is geared towards apartment living, although there are also a limited number of state-of-the-art podium villas to pique the interest of investors who are interested in purchasing villas, and luxury apartments for sale in Dubai Marina are also a solid option to consider.

  • What is the price range of a studio apartment in Dubai Marina?

There are several freehold property projects, giving expats and foreign investors full ownership of the property purchased. In case you are interested in buying an apartment in Dubai Marina, the prices for a studio apartment for sale in Dubai Marina start from AED 385k.

  • What is the price range of a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina?

A 1 bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai Marina ranges from AED 480k to AED 2.5M.

  • What is the price range of a 2 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina?

The average price for 2 bedroom apartments for sale in Dubai Marina is AED 1.6M.

  • What is the price range of 3-4 bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina?

While freehold 3-bed apartments for sale in Dubai Marina Emaar cost AED 2.6M on average. Those looking to buy 4-bedroom apartments in Dubai Marina can find that prices range from AED 1.6M to AED 25M.

  • Is investing in Dubai marina properties a good idea?

The value for money offered by the flats in Dubai Marina is unparalleled in the world. With the expats ratio over 80% and constantly rising and the continued efforts of the authorities to attract more tourists in the holiday season – evident from the tourist-friendly policies like no visa fee for the dependents under 18 years of age. With millions of people using the UAE airports in the first quarter of this year, family tourism has skyrocketed in the Emirates and this is exactly the reason why you should have your hands on some of the fabulous Dubai Marina properties.

  • Is it profitable to purchase an apartment in Dubai Marina and rent it out?

Yes, it would be a very good idea to do that as Dubai Marina is a very central touristic location and people enjoy the lifestyle it provides. It has easy public transport access, a lot of restaurants, and close proximity to the beach. Marina is a great profitable choice to purchase an apartment in and rent it out.